Dedicated to finding Vawter, Vauter, and Vaughters.

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REUNION 2022 - location, Pickwick Landing, Tennessee

REUNION 2019 - location, Topeka, Kansas

REUNION 2018 - location Madison, Indiana

REUNION 2017 - location, San Antonio, Texas

REUNION 2016 or PORTRAITS 2016 - location, Bentonville, Arkansas

REUNION 2015 - location, Newport News, Virginia

REUNION 2014 or PORTRAITS 2014 - location, Knoxville, Tennessee

REUNION 2013 - location, Greenwood, Mississippi

REUNION 2012 or PORTRAITS 2012 - location, Springfield, Missouri

REUNION 2011 or PORTRAITS 2011 - location, Gilbertsville, Kentucky

REUNION 2010 or PORTRAITS 2010 - location, Richmond, Virginia

REUNION 2009 or PORTRAITS 2009 - location, San Diego, California

REUNION 2008 or PORTRAITS 2008 - location, Red Wing, Minnesota

REUNION 2007 or PORTRAITS 2007 - location, Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia

2006 Reunion in Bear Lake

REUNION 2005 - location, Fredericksburg, Virginia




A collection of pictures of Vauter's Church, pictures to be identified, and cemetery pictures sent in by cousins..


Old Pictures of Vauter's Church



Cemetery pictures


Miscellaneous pictures

Includes pictures sent by Allen Vawter
and Mary Wallace


Windfield Scott Vawter
old family photos
Sent in by Ivy Smith.

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4



Family Photos sent by Lynn Weatherbe

Most need to be identified.

Jamison Vawter



Family Photos of
Nancy Vawter Harris
and William Bailey Harris

Nancy Vawter Harris..............William Bailey Harris

Francis Ann Harris..................George Pierce Harris

Martha Field Harris ................Nancy Myrtie Harris

Mary Bailey Harris.............. Thomas Lemuel Harris



Courtesy of Virgil Pope



Irvin J. Vawter - photos

Irvin J Vawter, WWI

Irvin J Vawter, and friend WWI

Irvin and second wife Ethel

Irvin and daughter Gwendolyn

Irvin,middle, with partners at oil well in Kentucky

Irvin on left, Harry Collins 2nd on left, oil well

Irvin on right, oil well in Kentucky

Courtesy of Maureen Neal