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The logo for the VVV Family Association was suggested by young Jim Miller back in 1979. His grandmother was Elizabeth "Bettie" Nash, the association secretary at the time.

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July 18, 19, 20-2024. Location of VVV reunion will be in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

July 17, 18, 19-2025. Location of VVV reunion will be in Fredricksburg, Virginia. A visit to the Vauter Church is always a highlight.

July 16, 17, 18-2026. Location of VVV reunion will be in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The location of the first VVV Reunion in 1977.


Watch for details in future newsletters.


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The VVV Family has traditionally given a "love offering" to the Vauter Church when we
meet in Virginia. For those of you who would like to send a donation during the year,

the address is:

Vauter's Episcopal Church
P O Box 154
Champlain, Virginia 22438

This is a small congregation that struggles with the upkeep of an historic building.

The newsletters from 1977 thru 2015 are on this website, as well as the Grace Vawter Bicknell
book, “The Vawter Family in America” with the allied families of Branham, Crawford, Wise, Lewis, Stribling, Glover and Moncrief.
The Grace Bicknell book starts with the first Vawter to come to America, as far as she knew. The book was published in 1905
and she did a superb job, without the internet or a computer.

One of our genealogist cousins, Georgene Jurgensen, has done years of research and we include her work on our website as well.
She has made some corrections to the Bicknell book and added an abundance of information.

If you have trouble finding your connection to the family lines listed here, please let us hear from you and
maybe we can help.