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For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.

Vaughters Ernest Cleveland [Male] b. 12 JUL 1916 Dawson Co. GA - d. 04 OCT 2006 Athens, GA

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Vaughters Claude Jackson [Male] b. 18 JAN 1920 Dawson Co. GA - d. 18 FEB 1978 Coos Bay, OR

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Vaughters James C [Male] b. 28 APR 1937 Morgan Co. GA - d. 28 APR 1937


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Sherwood Mary [Female] b. 24 APR 1742 Greenwich, Conn. - d. 1825 Columbia, Hamilton Co. OH

Mary is mentioned in her father's will as "wife of Isaac Ferris"

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Taylor Thomas [Male] b. 1656 Currituck, NC - d. JUL 1736 North Carolina

By 1700, Thomas Taylor was in Albemarle Co. NC where he was listed in the rent rolls. He received a patent on 447 acres in NC and later an additional 640 acres in Chowan Co. NC.

Thomas Taylor, Sr.
Aug. 20, 1734 - July 6, 1736 Secretary of State, NC Wills, 1663-1789

In the Name of God amen I Thomas TAYLOR SENR. of the precinct of Curotuck In the Province of North Carolina ...[faded]... and of perfect Mind and Memory ...[the remainder of the "In the Name of God" paragraph is too faded to read accurately]...
Item. I give and Bequeath to my son Thomas TAYLOR and his Heirs for Ever one negro man Named [faded] One Feather bed and Furniture ...[faded]... pewter Dishes and all the Cattle and Hogs of his own proper mark with all their future increas three Ewes and Lambs with increas one Gun one gold ring...[faded]... being already in his possession. Also I give and Bequeath to my said son Thomas all the Cattle ...[faded]... that was bred on his plantation the one half of my tools and one half of my waring apparell to him and his Heirs for Ever.
Item. I Give and Bequeath to my son Edward TAYLOR and his Heirs all the Cattle and Hogs of his own mark One Feather Bed and Furniture one large Iron pott one gun two pewter Dishes two pewter plates one gold ring all the afsd. articles being already in the possession of my said son Edward. I also give and Bequeath to my said son Edward after the marriage or Decease of my wife Easter one muskett[?] ...[faded]... half my waring apparell to be Delivered at my Decease and one negro man named Bristoll to be Delivered to him at the marriage or Deceas of my wife and not before and my son Edward at the receipt of the said negro to pay to my son in law Cornelius Jones or his heirs five pounds ...[faded]... my will is that the said negro Bristol be not sold by my son Edward but at the death of my son to be and fall to my Grandson John TAYLOR the son of the sd. Edward & his heirs forever.
Item. I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Elisabeth wife to Cornelius JONES and her heirs all the Cattle of her own mark with all their future Increas Also two Ewes [faded] with all their increas two large... [bottom of page torn]... [top of page torn]... one Feather bed ...[torn]beth after the marriage or Deceas ...[torn]... after the Deceas of my wife or Day of marriage.
Item. I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Sophia the wife of Pe[torn] PYNER ...[torn]... all the Cattle of her proper mark with all their future Increas two Ewes and lambs with their Increas one Pewter Dish two pewter plates One Iron Pott one frying pan and one Gold ring One Feather Bed and furniture All being in her own possession already (Except) the Bed and furniture pott and pan which are to be Delivered to her or her heirs at the marriage or Deceas of my wife and not before.
Item. I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Sarah the wife of Jeremiah STEPHENS and her heirs all the Cattle Hogs and Sheep of her own mark and all their future Increas Also two pewter Dishes one Iron pott one new feather Bed and furniture two pewter plates one Small pewter Tankard One Chest and one riding Horse all Except the horse being already in her possession And my will is that if my said Daughter Sarah should Dye that then the Feather bed and furniture the pewter and the Horse is Given by this my will to be and fall to my Grand Daughter Easter STEPHENS her child and her heirs.
[Note: There are signatures at the bottom of this page, as if the testator and witnesses may have accidentally signed the wrong page. The signatures are the same as those at the end of the will].
Item. I Give and Bequeath to my daughter Bridgett the wife of Samuel JARVES and her heirs all the cattle hogs and sheep of her own proper mark with all their future Increas also one [faded] two pewter Dishes one pewter quart pott one iron pott one Feather bed and furniture one large pewter candlestick[?] all being in her own possession allready Except the Tankard and the quart pott. Also I give to my daughter Bridgett one negro man called Toney if he shall live to be delivered to her or her heirs at the marriage or deceas of Easter TAYLOR my wife Also the quart pott and Tankard aforementioned to be delivered ...[faded].
Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Bethia TAYLOR and her heirs all the Cattle of her own proper mark and their future increas ...[faded]... bed and furniture the best except her mothers own bed One small Iron pott [faded] pewter [faded] and three pewter plates and three Ewes and lambs with their increas also two cows and Calves out of the Stock at the Manner Plantation to be Delivered to her at my Deceas Also one still one brass warming pan one large brass kettle one hand mill and one small Iron kettle all which still kettles warming pan and mill to be delivered to my daughter Bethiah or her heirs at the marriage or death of my wife Easter and not before only my will is that if my two sons Thomas and Edward shall agree to pay unto my Daughter Bethiah or her heirs ...[faded]... Each of them in some good spe____[?] then the said ...[faded]... to my two sons aforesd. and their heirs Otherwise to be to my sd. Daughter Bethiah and her heirs as aforesaid.

Item. I give and Bequeath to my Grandson Benjamin TAYLOR the son of Edward TAYLOR one small Gun to him and his heirs.

Item. I give and Bequeath to my Grandson Ezekiel PHILLIPS one Cow and Calf with their future Increas to him and his heirs.

Item. I Give and Bequeath to my Three Daughters S[torn] Bridgett and Bethiah after the marriage or death ...[faded]... my stock of ...[faded]... att the Indian Ridge to be Equally... [bottom of page torn]... [top of page torn]... riage of my wife as aforsd. all the Cattle belonging to the ...[torn]... Except two Cows and Calves before by me Given to my Daughter Bethiah as aforesd.

Item. I Give and Bequeath to my Loving wife Easther TAYLOR one Feather Bed and furniture one Large Iron kettle one Trunk with Lock and key one horse called Frollick[?] or if he dies some other horse Also Bridle and saddle to her and her heirs for Ever Also my will is that my wife have the use of all the rest of my personall Estate and that none of it be brought to Apraisment or sold During the Natural life or widdowhood of my wife But att the death or marriage of my wife aforesd. Equal Division ...[faded]... amongst those of my Children which shall then be living.

I Make Ordain Impower and Appoint my Loving wife Esther TAYLOR Executrix and my two sons Thomas and Edward TAYLOR Executors Joyntly of this my Last will and testament Revoaking Disanulling and Making Voyd all former wills or Testaments by me heretofore ...[faded]... to be my Last will and Testament As witness my hand & seal this twentieth day of August Anno Dom 1734.
/s/ Tho: TAYLOR

Signed sealed Pronounced & Declared by the said Thomas TAYLOR to be his Last will and Testament in presence of

North [torn]
Currituck [torn]
At a Court [torn] held for the sd. precinct on Tuesday the 6th day of July Anno 1736
Present His Majesties Justices

These may certifie that Stephen WILLIAMS and John MARTYN [two] of the Subscribing Evidences to the within Will appeared in open Court and declared on the Holy Evangelist that they were present and saw Thomas TAYLOR Sign Seal and declare the [illegible] to be and Contain his last Will and Testament and that he was then and that time of Sound and disposing Memory and that they also Saw Solomon JARVES the Other Subscribing Evidence put his name thereto at the same time. When also appeared Hester TAYLOR Executrix and Edward TAYLOR Exetor and took the Executors Oath in due form of Law. Ordered that the Secrty. have notice hereof that Letters Testry. issue thereon as the Law Directs &c.
By Order Jos. SMITH Clerk Thos. TAYLORs Will
Letters Granted Septr 24th 1736

*** Sophia is thought by some to have been married to a Peter Payne. It seems more likely that the name s/b Peter Poyner..........
Because in Deed book 2, p 416, Thomas Taylor and wife Esther of Currituck Precinct, Albemarle Co., : to my daughter Sophia Poyner wife of PETER POYNER, a deed of gift for 200 acres on the northeast side of North River beginning at Broad Branch, land adjoins that of my son Thomas and daughter Elizabeth, part of a patent of 447 acres granted December 2, 1712.
Date unclear, but would have been before the will of 1734.

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Perrin Esther [Female] b. 1672 Currituck, NC - d. 06 JUL 1736 North Carolina

Esther was the widow of Sebastian Perrin. Maiden name unknown.

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Wade Jethro [Male] b. ABT 1806 Butler Co. OH - d. 1863 Perry, IN

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Wade Elon [Male] b. 12 OCT 1808 Butler Co. OH - d. 10 SEP 1863 Indiana

Information taken from DAR records.

1850 Cass, Ind. census:
Elon Wade.....41...OH
Mabel Wade....32...NY
Lavinia Wade...8...IND....?? Laura is listed in the DAR records b. 1842
Mary C Wade....2...IND

1860 Cass, Ind. census:
Elon Wade......52.....OH
Mabel Wade....42.......NY
Laura Wade....16....IN
Martha Wade....6....IN

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Wade Isaac Ferris [Male] b. 09 JAN 1811 Butler Co. OH - d. 31 MAR 1898 Indiana

1850 Montgomery Co. IN census:
Isaac F Wade......39......OH
Mary Wade.......16......IN
Sarah Wade......15......IN
Harrison Wade......13.....OH
William Wade......11......IN
Julia Wade......9......IN
Ezra Wade......7......IN
Jane Wade......5......IN

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Wade Thomas [Male] b. ABT 1814 Butler Co. OH - d. 1864

In the 1850 Butler Co. Ohio census, same page as Loretta Wikoff:
Thos J Wade, 36, born Ohio
Mathilda Wade, 37, born England
Hannah E Wade, 7 born Iowa

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Wikoff Samuel [Male] b. ABT 1807 New Jersey - d. 31 AUG 1854

1850 Butler Co. OH census:
Samuel Wikoff......45......NJ
Loretta Wikoff......46.......OH
Mary Wikoff......18.......OH
Franklin WIkoff.....10.......OH
Julia Wikoff........5........OH
Hudson Wikoff.......20.......OH
Jane (?) Wikoff.......5.......OH

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Taylor Thomas [Male] b. 21 DEC 1710 - d. 1798 North Carolina

Thomas Taylor
Feb. 22, 1798 - Mar. 26, 1798
Currituck Co. Will Book 2, p. 119

February 22 In the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-eight. Being weak in body but of a perfect mind & Memory I give and bequeath as follows. To my son Saml TAYLOR the North side of my plantation begining at the Water side at the branch and then following the said branch a Westerly as fare as the Land runs.

I give to my [son] James TAYLOR all to the south side of the said branch to Saml TAYLORs line with my houses and building I give to my son William TAYLOR the peace of land to the North West of Thos. JARVES also the swamp back of the said land containing Ninety Acres Reserver of Rail timber and fire Wood for Saml TAYLOR & James TAYLOR for their afsd plantations out of the said Swamps.

I Give to my son Jesse TAYLOR the first ten acres of land I bought of Marget JONES - I give the other ten acres of land I bought of the afsd M. JONES to Edward TAYLOR my son.

I give to Thos. JARVIS one Negro boy named Gorg.

I give to my Daughter Bettsey one Negro gairl named Sarreaby

I give the remainder part of my Estate to Miriam my Wife During her Life.

Addinly - I give to my son Saml TAYLOR the swamp land in the new Entry containing sevent y one. I give as follows to Saml TAYLOR Edwd TAYLOR William TAYLOR Jesse TAYLOR James TAYLOR all Jointly all the Remainders of my lands Marshes Banks. Witness my hand
/s/ Thomas [his F mark] TAYLOR

Signed in the presents of
Thomas IVES Jurat
William [x] BURGES

Recorded & Examined this 26th March 1798 for Wm TAYLOR Clk C

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Poyner Frances [Female] b. 1809 Georgia - d. 07 JUN 1851 Ohio

Frances probably did not marry. She is listed as Frances Poyner in the 1850 census in Ohio.

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Poyner Sarah [Female] b. 1813 Georgia

Sarah was listed on the 1850 census with her father, Peter, as being 39 years old and born in Georgia. She could have been born in Ohio. Peter and Silas were on the 1820 census there.

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Poyner Margaret [Female]

Margaret was listed in birth records. Was not in her father's will. Maybe died young.

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Sherwood Jabez [Male] b. 28 DEC 1719 Rye, Westchester, NY - d. 15 MAR 1788 Greenwich, Conn.

Will of Capt. Jabez Sherwood, late of Greenwich, dated August 16, 1775, probated April 1, 1788, mentions his wife Hannah, and children Jabez, Daniel, Susannah, Elizabeth wife of Daniel Lyon, Rebecca, wife of Daniel Merritt, Ruth, wife of Shubel Kniffen, Hannah, wife of Samuel Peck, Jr., and MARY, WIFE of ISAAC FERRIS.
Executors, his son Jabez and son-in-law Samuel Peck, Jr.
Witnesses James Phillips, Solomon Wright and Daniel Lewis.
Jabez Sherwood refused to qualify, and letters were issued to Samuel Peck, Jr. page 150.
Inventory taken Feb 16, 1785, by John Mead and Joseph Wilson, and filed June 25, 1785, Page 55.
Additional inventory and account filed July 1, 1788, page 156.

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Sherwood Nathaniel [Male] b. ABT 1669 Rye, Westchester, NY - d. MAR 1731 Rye, Westchester, NY

In the name of God, Amen, January 5, 1732. I, Nathaniel Sherwood, of Rye, in Weschester County, being very sick. I leave to wife Abigail, 1/3 of my estate, and ??8 in money towards the maintenance of my daughter Sarah. I leave to my son Nathaniel, 25 shillings. To my son Nehemiah, 30 shillings. To my son Stephen, ??6. To my daughter Rebecca, 5 shillings. To my grand-daughter Elizabeth Sherwood, 10, when eighteen. All the rest of estate to be sold at the discretion of my executors, and divided among my 5 youngest children, JABEZ, Silas, Abigail, Mary and Sarah. I make my wife Abigail, and my trusty friend, Joseph Steward, executors.
Witnesses, Samuel Brown, Thomas Lyons, William Robinson.
Proved, March 20, 1732/3.

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Burr Abigail [Female] b. ABT 1685

Abigail's maiden name was taken from several postings on No proof offered.

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Sherwood Stephen [Male] b. ABT 1642 Fairfield, CT - d. 1715 Rye, Westchester, NY

Stephen Sherwood was among the first 27 landowners of Greenwich, according to Greenwich Town Records. On Jun 25, 1696, as a resident of Rye, NY, he confirmed the sale of the Mill at the Mianus River to Dr. John Butler (town Record of Greenwich, Series I, part 2, p 759, and part 1, p 63. On March 16, 1674, the 27 landowners at Greenwich, CT, were: John Asten, John Bowers, Walter Butler, Thomas Close, James Ferris, Joseph Ferris, Angell Huested, William Hubbert, John Hubble, Samuel Jankeno (?), Joshua Knapp, Gersham Lockwood, Jonathan Lockwood, John Marshall, John Mead, Joseph Mead, Ephraim Palmer, John Palmer, Jeremiah Peck, Samuel Peck, William Ratleff, John Reynolds, Jonathan Reynolds, William Rundle, STEPHEN SHERWOOD, Daniel Smith, Joseph Finch.

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Ferris Ebenezer [Male] b. 1735 Greenwich, Conn. - d. 09 JAN 1824 Stamford, Conn.

No known children.

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