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A history of The Vauter’s Church of St. Anne’s Parish, Essex County, Virginia courtesy of Georgene Jurgensen. Vauter's Church


Waltons of Old Virginia and Sketches of Families in Central Virginia, by Wilmer L. Kerns. This chapter features "The Vawters of Lynchberg" Chapter 25

A biographical sketch of Jesse Vawter, wife Elizabeth Watts Vawter and their ancestors. Sent in by Mark Danielson. Good job Mark, and thank you!
Early Virginians

Note: on page 35 there is a pending correction. The Complete Book
of Emmigrants was written by Peter WILSON Coldham.


The descendants of George Hotchkiss Van Osdol.
Sent in by Willora "Glee" Van Osdol Krapf.
Geo. Van Osdol


John Gray Vawter and sons - A trek across Colorado, Montana and Alaska.
Research by Bob Sommerfeldt and Georgene.

Obit for Ken Barnes

Research by Arleigh Kerr. Old English Records with
the name "Vawter".

The BOROUGH OF PLYMOUTH.. More research
on England.
Sent by Georgene. English 2


Memories of the Life of Irvin J. Vawter

By Maureen Neal

I. J. Vawter

The Soper Family letters. Lloyd Soper married Edith Vawter in 1914.

Thanks to Bob and Becky Shaw of Des Moines, and John and Kate Shaw (who carefully transcribed the letters).


Memories of Margaret - an oral history.

Sent by Andy Cottle

Margaret Vaughter Dougharty


Jephtha Dudley Vawter had a record book in which

he kept a diary and other odds and ends.

Letters and Diaries.


Los Angeles County, CA archives.

Interesting history of  Vawters in California and their
connection to the Rose Parade.