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Grimes Sampson [Male] b. 08 OCT 1749 Virginia - d. MAY 1828 Duplin Co. NC

DAR Patriot Index:
Grimes, Sampson..b..8-10-1749..VA..d a.5--1828..NC..m.(1) Bethsheba WInder ..PS..NC (Patriotic Service)

From the Duplin Co. NC website:
Sons of American Revolution
Sampson Grimes born 8-10-1749 in Virginia, moved to North Carolina at age 3, died in May 1828 in Duplin County. Sampson married (1) Winifred Branch, who died before 1781, they had one child, Sarah, (2) Bethsheba Winders, they were the parents of 2 girls and 3 boys, one of whom was Jesse who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence and had a Texas County named after him. Sampson served as a Private under Capt. William Taylor and Col. James Kenan at the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge

1820 Duplin Co. NC census:
Sampson Grimes...1 male "45 & upward"...4 (foreigners ?)....1 male slave

Wills of Duplin County, NC by Murphy
pg 63 #205 Sampson GRIMES (CR 035.801.5/A-169) 27 Mar 1828, May 1828.
Son Jesse part of land; son James upper part; son William land, dau EASTER BRANCH part of land, dau Nancy Stroud & (same children named) remainder of property -- EX: son James and son-in-law Archelaeus Branch.
Wit: Jno Watkins, Th. J. Kinnear & Samuel Sullivens

Will of Sampson Grimes

In the name of God amen, I Sampson Grimes being of sound and perfect mind and memory blessed by God, do this day in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Eight do publish, this my last will and Testament in manner as following, that is to say.
First I give and bequeath to my son Jesse Grimes one fourth part of my lands to be laid of at the lower part joining the land I gave him or so much thereof as to make that part equal with the rest.
Item 2 give and bequeath to my son James Grimes one fourth part of my lands to be laid off at the upper part of my lands or so much thereof including the lands that I gave him, as to make it equal with the other four, the remainder of my lands my wish is to be equally divided between my son William Grimes, and my daughter EASTER BRANCH, to be equally diveded.
Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Nancy Stoud and my daughter ESTER BRANCH (not a typo, name spelled both ways); and my son Jesse Grimes and my son James Grimes and my son William Grimes The remainder of my property of every kind to be equally divided amongst the five of them their Heirs or assigns forever, but each Heir shall give a fair seridul of what they have recieved, so as to make the last Item equal all to share and share alike.
My will and desire is that all my just debts shall be paid, and my body disently buried at the discretion of my Extr's. I appoint my son James Grimes and son-in-law ARCHELAUS BRANCH, Extr's to this my last will and testament. Signed this 27th day of March 1828.
Signed, published and acknowledged in the presence of - Jno Watkins, Tho J. Kinnead, Samuel Sullivens.
Sampson Grimes (seal)

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Summers John [Male] b. ABT 1665 England - d. 27 NOV 1705 Prince George Co. Maryland

Came to America 18 December 1671, "Captain John Boddy.. having transported 12 persons to Maryland to inhabit..amongst whom was John Summers...
By 1682 he was paying ground rent on 120 acres of land called Pitchcraft, on the "West side of the Patuxent River in the freshes"

1692, he testified for Edward Gold, a negro, for his freedom.
1698 served on two juries.

Will written March 1703: probated Nov 27th 1705, (name listed as Sumers)
To wife Rebecca, extrx. entire estate during widowhood; 1/3 if she marry. (She remarried Henry Mackbee)
to Dau. Sary Westly and grandson Saml. Westly, John Street and son John personalty.
Land to be divided between two sons, William and JOHN at decease of wife.
Test; Frank Pile, Thomas Underwood, Henry Boteler.

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Lovelace John Baptist [Male] b. 1712 Baltimore, Maryland - d. BEF 13 JUL 1765 Frederick, Maryland

John Baptist Lovelace lived and died in Maryland, but "Heritage of Iredell County - The Lovelace Family" mentions him because many of his family settled there. Eleanor remarried to Thomas Robey and they moved to North Carolina.

John's will dated July 13, 1765:
In the name of God Ahmaen. I, John Baptist Lovelace, Fredrik CO. in the Province of Maryland, being in perfect health and of sound mind, do make constitute, and ordain, this my last will and testament, in this manner and form following:
I. Imprimis: first and principally, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elenor, one hundred twenty-nine (129) acres of land being part of a tract called "Hermitage", whereon I now live, and also part of the resurvey joining the aforesaid land as far as John Locklon's spring branch, during her natural life, and afterward to be divided equally between my three sons, William, Elias, and Luke, their heirs and assigns.
II. I give and bequeath to my well beloved son, CHARLES all the remaining part of the aforesaid resurvey, to him and his heirs and assigns.
III. I give and bequeath to my well beloved son, Isaac, one hundred twenty and one half (120 1/2) acres of land caled "Jobs's Comfort" in Charles County, to him his heirs and assigns.
IV. I give and bequeath one third (1/3) part of my personal estate to my well beloved wife, Elenor, after my just debts are paid, whom I appoint as executrix of my estate, and all the remaining part to be equally divided between my four young children, viz, Vetchel, Mary Ann, Archibald, and Millicent. And if either of them should die before they come of age, to be equally divided between the survivors.

Will of John Baptist Lovelace, Tested with my hand July 13, 1765.
John Baptist (X) Lovelace

Charles married Sarah Robey (daughter of Thomas Robey)

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Vaughter Hiram Dennis [Male] b. 03 AUG 1867 Georgia - d. 10 SEP 1940 Byers, Texas

1910 Throckmorton, TX census:
Hiram D Vaughter......42.....GA
Gordon Vaughter.....29....AR.......4 children, 3 living
Hiram D Vaughter Jr.....8.....OK
Samuel H Vaughter....4.....TX
Jesse G Vaughter.....3.....TX

1920 Byers, TX census:
Hiram D Vaughter.....53......GA.....(name written Haram)
Gordan Vaughter.....37....AR
Hiram D Vaughter Jr.....18.....OK
Hall (?) Vaughter.....14.....TX
Gordon Vaughter.....12....TX
Dorcas Vaughter.....7.....TX
Mary N Vaughter......5.....TX
James V Vaughter.....1 1/2 TX

1930 Byers, TX census:
Hiram D Vaughter.....62.....GA
Ada G Vaughter....49.....KS
Mary N Vaughter....16....TX
James V Vaughter....12....TX
Dorcas Vaughter....18....TX
Jesie G Vaughter....25....TX....(son)

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Grigsby John [Male] b. 08 AUG 1624 Maidstone, Kent England - d. 11 OCT 1730 St.Pauls Parrish, Stafford Co. Va.

the county of Stafford being in good health of body, sound, perfect and disposing mind and memory, thanks be returned to God for same, yet being sensible of the uncertainty of this mortal life, do make, publish, and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner & form following (that is to say) first and principally I recommend my soul into hands of Almighty God, hoping through the meritorius death & passion of my Blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ to receive full & free pardon and remition of my sins and to inherit everlasting salvation, and my body I commit to the earth to be decently interred at the discretion of my executors hereafter mentioned as touching the disposition of such temporall estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to bestow upon me, I give and dispose thereof as followeth (viz)
Item I give unto my son John Grigsby & his heirs part of tract of land I bought of Nicholas Battain from his spring branch to uper corner tree by Wm. Smith's old field and likewise I give him three Negros, Sambo, ____, & Dick.
Item I give unto my son Charles Grigsby all that parcell of land from the swamp to Mr. Chandler Fowke's line whereon he now lives, it being in the pattain I bought of Nick Battain and likewise I give unto him two Negros, Bobin & James, and to him and & his heirs the land & Negros.
Item I give unto my daughter Mary Ann four Negros, Jenny, Will, Joney & and Bess, to her and her heirs.
Item I gave unto my son James Grigsby and his heirs all that parsall of land whereon he now lives from Jones Branch up his own spring branch and to across to his brother John' spring branch, and likewise I give him three Negros, Jack, Ben, Dall and her increase forever to him & and his heirs.
Item I give unto my son Wm. Grigsby, and his heirs all that parcell of land whereon he now lives, it being part of that patten I bought of Nicholas Battain from James' spring branch up Jones Branch to my head line and so along the line to his brother John's land, and likewise I give him three Negros, Allow, Jane & Grace, their increase to him and his heirs forever.
Item I give unto my son Thomas Grigsby all the remainer part of that pattain. I bought of Battain from the end of Wolf Pit Point up Jones Branch to my head line on the east side of branch;
also I give him the said tract of land whereon now I live to him and his heirs and likewise I give him three Negros, Nan, Genny, Mary, and their increase to him & his heirs forever and likewise I give unto my son Thomas Grigsby all my hoggs belonging to me and likewise I give him half my cattle and the other half of Cattle to be divided between my other four sons and daughter and like- wise all my other part of my moveable estate to be equally divided between my six children and
further I doe desire that my estate may not be brought to an appraisement, and further I doe appoint my two sons John and Thomas Grigsby to be my executors of this my last will & testament to see that everything equally divided between themselves revoking all former wills as witness my hand and seals this 17th March, 1728/9.
Signed & Sealed in the Present of us & Delivered:

Hen. Lopdell Jn. Grigsby (seal)

Eliz. Q. Eaton
At a Court held for Stafford County the 11th day of November 1730 this Will was presented into Court by John Grigsby and Thomas Grigsby, executors therein named, who made oath thereto and the same being further proved by the oath of Elizabeth Eaton, one of the witnesses thereto, who also made oath that she saw Henry Lopdell, another witness, subscribed, sign the same it is admitted to record and on the motion of the said executors, certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.

Test: Catesby Cook, Clerk
A Copy Teste: S. L. Alexander, Clerk
Recorded in Will Book M, pages 17 & 18.

*(Deed Book 1, p. 501) Stafford County reveals a contract made on March 11, 1727, between John Grigsby, blacksmith, of Stafford County, and Charles Hardy, by which the latter is to serve apprenticeship to Grigsby for a "full time of six years. "Old John" would at that time have been too feeble to enter into such an active agreement. His son John, must have been the author of the instrument.

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Bell Earl Pierce [Male] b. 1886 Arkansas - d. 13 MAY 1965 Arvada, CO

1930 Arapahoe CO. census:
Earl P Bell.....43...AR
Joy V Bell....36....AR
Jack W Bell....12....CO
Thomas B Bell....7....CO
Robert B Bell....2/12....CO

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Grigsby Mary (Polly) [Female] b. 27 MAY 1774 Rockbridge Co. VA - d. 26 SEP 1836 Columbus, Miss.

Colonial Virginia Source Records, 1600-1700s
Marriages of Virginia Residents Vol. II, Part IV, Surnames V-W, Page 205
WEIR, Andrew, d. 1822; m. 1793, Polly Grigsby. Rockbridge Co., Morton, p. 541

She was named in the following will:
Orange County Will Book 4
pp. 283 - 286
Will of Benjamin Porter. ...I leave and direct the Glebe Tract of land and also the land lying on the south side of Thomas Spring Branch and lying between Robert Taylor's plantation to be sold (to pay debts) ...bequeath to my brother, Abner Porter, one thousand acres of land lying in County of Woodford, state of Kentucky my beloved wife, Mary Porter ...(negroes) ...bequeath to my brother, Charles', sons, Camp Porter, John Porter and their brother, Benjamin Porter's children ...lend to my brother, Thomas Porter, of Kentucky ...(after his death) his daughter, Ann Smith ...lend to my brother, Joseph Porter ...(after his decease) his two children, William Porter & Elizabeth Porter my sister, Elizabeth Grigsby ...bequeath to Benjamin Grigsby and his sister, MARY WEIR, children of my sister, Frances Grigsby George Porter, son of Nicholas Porter of Botetourt County John L. Wood silver mounted smooth bore gun ...(what is left) my brother, Abner's children, Benjamin Porter and Maria Cave ...appoint my brother, Abner Porter, John Taylor, Camp Porter and John Porter, my executors ...this 3rd day of August 1807.

Benjamin Porter

In the presence of
Anthony A. Harrison
Abraham Maury Junr.
Richd. H. Taliaferro, William Milburn
At a court held ...27th June 1808 ...proved ...Abner Porter ...with May Burton, James Barbour, William White, Francis Cowherd and Belfield Cave, his securities in penalty of twenty thousand dollars.
(Sparacio pg. 96, Wills 1778-1821)

1830 Rockbridge Co. VA census:
Mary Weir.........2 females under twenty.......1 female 50-60.

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Metcalf Mehitable Sybil [Female] b. 20 NOV 1764 Lebanon, CT - d. 04 APR 1820 Salem, NY

In some records she is listed as Sybil M.

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Weir Andrew Reid [Male] b. 13 FEB 1755 Rockbridge Co., VA - d. 29 DEC 1821 Rockbridge Co. VA

Washington. Per The History of Panola County, Texas.
And in the Index to Revolutionary War Service Records: Wier, Andrew or as Andrew Were, srv. as Pvt. in Hazen's Regt. of Cont. Troops

Colonial Virginia Source Records, 1600-1700s
Marriages of Virginia Residents Vol. II, Part IV, Surnames V-W, Page 205
WEIR, Andrew, d. 1822; m. 1793, Polly Grigsby. Rockbridge Co., Morton, p. 541

Rockbridge County, Virginia
Marriage bonds, 1778 - 1801:

Groom---Weir, Andrew---Bride..Grigsby, Polly
Bondsman...Caruthers, James... Witness... Grigsby, Elisha... WItness...Grigsby, William
Bride's Parent.... Grigsby, James-----Date...11 Dec 1793
Andrew Weir's will, dated September 17, 1821, was produced in court February 5, 1822.
Mentioned in the will: wife, Polly, and children, Patsey, Andrew, Benjamin, Robert, Adolphus, Frances, Mary Ann, and Hannah.

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Whitfield Matthew [Male] b. 1646 Surry, England - d. 09 FEB 1707 Nansemond, Virginia

Matthew Whitfield brought a colony to Virginia. He received a grant of land in Nansemond County, Virginia in 1680. Recorded in Land Grant Office in Richmond, Virginia On Feb 9, 1708, Matthew and Priscilla Whitfield of Naesmond Co, Va sold their interest in a patent made to the late John Lawrence for 530 acres to John Lawrence of Newport Parish in the Isle of Wright for 5,000 pounds of tobacco. "I, Matthew Whitfield and Priscilla my wife of Nansemond County for 5,000 pounds of tabacco paid by John Lawrence of Isle of Wright, Parish of Newport, do sell to him John Lawrence John Lawrence a tractor parcel of land situated or bing in Isle of Wright in Newport Parishafsd., being part of a patent granted to Mr John Lawrence now deceased (Father of ye aforesaid Priscilla) for 531` acres bearing date ye 5th day of June 1678 given by aforesaid. mr John Lawrence by his last Will to his daughter Elizabeth, and given by ye aforesaid Elizabeth to her sister Priscilla afsd. by Will, wo say all ye land given by my father John Lawrence to his daughter Elizabeth in ye patent aforesaid by his last will bearing date ye 2nd of January 1696 and gibe by ye Elizabeth's Last Will to ye we have set out hand as by ye record of Nansemond this 9th day of Feb in ye year of our Lord God 1708. Matthew Whitfield Priscilla Whitfield

Matthew (Nathan) de Whitfield) Whitfield, desc of David I, King of Scotland. Source; The Compendium of American Genealogy, Vol VII, page399. Came from England in the Prosperous in 1679. Receive a grant ofland in Nasemond Co VA to bring in a colony of 13 people, page 1682.Other informatin shows that he arrived from England on the"Prosperous" Ketch and that he came via Barbados. He left Barbados on May 2, 1679. His wife was the daughter of Sir John Lawrence, a baronet by James I.

Nathan Whitfield a descendant of Sir Thomas Whitfield was knighted in 1606 and came to America in the early 17th century. He left his son William Whitfield to finish his studies at Minster. The king's officers were going to put him in the Army so he evaded them by sailing to America in his own ship the Prosperous and settled in Nansemond Co,VA.

His wife was the daughter of Sir John Lawrence, a baronet by James I.

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Williams Judson [Male] b. 27 SEP 1842 Indiana - d. 19 MAR 1918 California

1900 San Diego, CA census:
Judson Williams.....Sept 1842......57.....IN
Emma Williams.....Feb 1852......48.....IN
Emma Sheets.....June 1890.....9.....IN....niece

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Durkee William L [Male] b. ABT 1838 Chickasaw Co, Miss

William never married.

1870 Rusk Co. Census:
William L Durkee ..31 ..Miss.

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Vawter George Williams [Male] b. 22 MAY 1895 Indiana - d. NOV 1972 Glendale, CA

1930 Los Angeles, CA census:
George W Vawter....34....IN
Marguerite Vawter....34....IN
Marjorie O Vawter....9....IN
Verne E Vawter....5....IN

1940 Los Angeles, CA census:
George W indexed as Vanter
Marguerite Vawter......44......IN
Marjorie O Vawter......19......IN
Verne E Vawter......15......IN

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Johnson Gideon Twiggs [Male] b. 02 SEP 1878 Arkansas - d. 15 JUN 1966 New Mexico

1920 BLUE MOUND township, Wagoner, OK. census:
Gideon T Johnson........41........AR
Hattie F Johnson........36...........AR
Virginia K Johnson..........2 7/12......OK

1930 Wagoner, OK. census:
Gedion T Johnson........51..........AR
Hattie F Johnson.......46.......... AR
Virginia C Johnson.........12...........OK

1940 Cherokee, OK census:
Gideon T Johnson......61.....AR.......indexed as Gidson
Hattie Johnson......56......AR
Jacob A

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Wade Thomas Case [Male] b. 1762 Connecticut - d. 06 APR 1826 Butler Co. Ohio

TIMELINE on the Wade family

A Joseph Wade married Mary CASE, no proof, however the naming system fits.

About 1760, Thomas CASE Wade was born, probably, in Connecticut and moved to Monogalia Co. Virginia. At some point he must have lived in New Jersey. His birth year is estimated as such because he witnessed a will in 1781 and likely was an adult. There was some connection to George Wade who moved to Monogalia Co. in 1775.

1771 or 1773, Sarah (Sally) Ferris born (Probably Stamford, C.T.)
Father; Isaac Ferris - Mother; Mary Sherwood

October 18, 1781, Thomas Case Wade witnessed a will for Aaron Moore. Mr. Moore was the father of Elizabeth Moore who married Alexander Wade. Alexander and Elizabeth had eleven children: George, Aaron, Mary, Elijah, Alexander, Thomas, Abigail, Sarah, Elisha, Elizabeth and Hosea. This looked like our line until the comment after the will of THOMAS CASE WADE was probated. His son Jethro sold the land in VA. to Thomas Wade, son of Alexander.

1788 Major Benjamin Stites and company landed on the first bank below the mouth of the Little Miami river (Hamilton co. Ohio). In the company were five families and 13 men without families and Thomas C. Wade and John S. Gano were among them.

1790 Old Columbia Baptist Church (Hamilton County, Ohio) started. Among first members were Miss Ferris, Isaac Ferris and Thomas C. Wade, also John S. Gano. [ The nine members starting this church transferred their membership from the Baptist Church at SCOTCH PLAINS, NEW JERSEY.]
About 1791 (some say 1797) Thomas Case Wade and Sarah Ferris married in Butler Co. Ohio

9 children born, from 1792 - 1808 - Mary Piner Wade about 1804.

OUR FAMILY BIBLE RECORDS show Silas Poyner born August 8, 1794
And wife Mary (Wade) born November 22, 1804, and children: Rebecca, Sarah, Thomas Wade, Charlotte, Mary, Loretta, Rhoda Ferris, Elizabeth Clarinda and Peter. Also listed: Katherine Wade, b. August 11, 1758 and Elisha Wade b. March 1, 1769.

Marriage index: Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850
Mary Wade and Silas Pointer (Poyner) in Butler Co., Ohio, June 17, 1824.

Mary and Silas named their first son Thomas Wade Poyner. (probably Thomas Case Wade Poyner. His father's will lists "Thomas C W Poyner".
Daughter Rebecca married Wyatt Dickerson- she was born 1826 in Ohio, died 1903 in Pipe Creek, Tx.

1820 Butler Co. Ohio census:
Thomas C Wade....13 in household.

April 6, 1826 Thomas Case Wade died in Middletown, Butler County, Ohio

A Christmas card (from Grand Pa and Grand Ma Vawter) addressed to Patricia Vawter
dated 1942 had a note on the back:
Dear Patricia Jene
I am giving you my Great Grandmother's teaspoon, Sarah Wade, which is your
Great Great Great Grandmother.
(The teaspoon has been located, apparently tucked back in a drawer for 60 plus years. It is small,
very worn, and has a monogram of S W.)

In his will, Thomas Case Wade allowed his wife, Sally, to have the general charge, use, and direction of the farm where they then lived for the raising up and schooling of the children. The half section of land he owned in Preble County was to be divided into four parts by John Walts and Henry Bosworth for Jethro Wade, Elon Wade, Isaac F. Wade and Ezra Wade, his sons, as they respectively arrived at full age. He gave his farm on the headwaters of Dunkard Creek in Monongalia County (Virginia) to his son Jethro to sell, the proceeds to be divided so as to make all his children equal. His daughters, Samantha, Loretta, and Mary Piner, were to be made equal and were to have an "Equal outset at their respective marriages in money or other property." He gave to his son, Thomas Wade and to his grandson, John Wade, such portions of his home farm as would make them in point of worth equal to his other children. The work of setting off to them their portions was to be done by two justices of the peace of Lemon Township. The seventh provision of his will was as follows: "It is my will and direction that my grandson, John Wade, have the desk and Bible which was once the property of his father, Harvey Wade."
The executors of his will were his wife and James Heaton.

From the Ferris Family website:
( SARAH FERRIS born 1773 Stamford CT and died 1849 Butler Co OH; married 1797/98 in Hamilton Co OH, Thomas Case Wade [son of Edward and Mary Wade] born 1759/62 Maryland and died April 6, 1826 Butler Co OH; he was a Rev War Vet from Somerset NJ; Wade was among the 26 people led by Benjamin Stites who founded Columbia in 1788; he was 1 of the 9 founders of the Columbia Baptist Church; helped erect the first church at Columbia and the 2d church at Duck Creek; in 1806, he sold his quarter section of land for $1,000 to a Welshman, the Rev William Jones, the 4th pastor of the Duck Creek Church.

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Keathley John [Male] b. 1730 England - d. 24 DEC 1793 North Carolina

John Keathley Sr, wrote his will on the 20th of Mar 1793 and it was recorded January 1794 in Wayne County, North Carolina. He gave most of his estate to his wife, Elizabeth. His wife was bequeathed the choice of the feather beds and family belongings. She was to receive half of the kitchen furniture during her remaining life. He gave one feather bed and furniture to his son, Jonathon Sr., after his wife, Elizabeth, passed away. He gave the same to his son, John Jr.
Richard, the first born, was given all the land and property after Elizabeth passed away.

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Southall Judith [Female] b. ABT 1735 - d. 1806 Virginia

Will of Hezakiah Robinson

In the name of God, Amen. I Hezekiah Robinson of Cumberland County being sick and
weak but of perfect health of mind and memory considering the uncertainty of mortal state
do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following.
Viz..Item, It is my desire that my loving wife Judith Robinson shall have everything I am
possessed of during her life and after her death to be equally divided between my five
children, John Robinson, Samuel Robinson, Wiliam Robinson, Susannah Robinson and
Nancy Baughan. Item.. It is my desire that my wife shall give Hezekiah Robinson, son
of William Robinson one colt out of the property I give her. I desire there shall be no
appraisement of my estate. I appoint my wife Judith Robinson, John Robinson, Samuel
Robinson, Wiliam Robinson and John Hatcher executors and executrix of this my last will
and testament. As witness my hand this 13th day of Oct., one thousand seven hundred and
ninety six.
Signed by Hezekiah Robinson

Test 1798

Wife Judith
John Robinson
Samuel Robinson
William Robinson
Susannah Robinson
Nancy Baughan

Test: Richard Robinson

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Grigsby Charles [Male] b. 1682 St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co. Va - d. 11 NOV 1740 St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co. Va

Grigsby in the County of Stafford, being sick and weak in body but in perfect mind and memory, thanks be given to God. Therefore, calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it appointed for man once to dye, I doe ordaine this my last will and testament, that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it and for my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a Christianlike manner at the discretion of my executors, that is to say, my loving wife Sarah Grigsby and my son James Grigsby, nothing douting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same againe at the mighty power of God and its touching such worldly goods wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give, devise and dispose of the same in this Manner and form following.
Item I give my son James Grigsby ninty acres of land beginning at the mouth of Yares branch and running up the main branch of Passertansey to James Grigsby Son's land and running northerly to Captain Fowke line.
Item I give to my loving wife Sarah Grigsby ninty acres of land beginning at the branch joining to James Grigsby Son's land, running northerly to Capt. Fowke line and after her decease to return to my son Charles Grigsby.
Item I give to my son John Grigsby the remainer part of my (?) at his return and if he not returning I give it to my son Wilkerson Grigsby.
Item I give to the child my wife know goes with lot, it be son or daughter, one Negro man named James, and if it comes not to perfection I give it to my son Charles Grigsby.
Item I give to my son Elisha Grigsby one Negro man named Robin.
Item I leave them in the care of my wife Sarah Grigsby the said Negroes until the said child shall come to the age of eighteen, and if it dies the said James to return to my son Charles Grigsby and Robin to my son Elisha Grigsby as before mentioned when there coming to the age of eighteen.
Item I give to my daughter Marget Smith half a crown.
Item I give to my daughter Rose Spiser half a crown.
Item I give to my daughter Barbary Runneles half a crown.
Item I give to my daughter Prissella Grigsby my chest and one ewe and a cow and calf and a young mair at the day of marriage or at the age of eighteen.
Item I give to my daughter Rachel Grigsby one ewe and a cow and calf at the day of marriage or at the age of eighteen.
Item I give to my son Charles Grigsby a young horse called Tobe.
Item I give to my son Wilkerson Grigsby a young black horse called Shaver.
Item I give to my wife Sarah Grigsby three mairs and a colt and all my household goods, stock and clocks.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presents of Charles Grigsby
Test: William Grigsby - Anne Grigsby (seale)

At a Court held for Stafford County November the 11th, 1740, the
last will and testament of Charles Grigsby Dec'd, being produced in court
by Sarah Grigsby, one of the executors therein named who made oath
thereto according to law and being proved by the oaths of William Grigsby
and Anne Grigsby, witnesses thereto, certificate is granted her for
obtaining a probate thereof in due form and the said will ordered to be
Test: H. Tyler, Clerk

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Johnson Idus Charles [Male] b. 10 MAR 1899 Texas - d. MAY 1972 Parker, Arizona

WWI Draft Registration Card - September 12, 1918
Idus Charles Johnson
Wagoner Okla
Nearest relative - Mary Emma Johnson

1930 census, he was living with brother Herbert in Kerrville, Tx. (listed as Idna)

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Johnson Benjamin B. [Male] b. 05 DEC 1715 Prince George, MD - d. 10 JAN 1795 Prince George, MD

from, by Martha Poplin:

From DAR Patriot Index:
Johnson, Benjamin: b c 1718 MD d c 1-10-1795 MD m Rachel Summers; Patriotic Service MD.

Benjamin Johnson's Will: Montgomery Co., MD Book M-48
Written: August 25, 1788.
Probated: January 10, 1795 son Benjamin Johnson one shilling Sterling. Same to son John, Jonothan, daughter Mary Ann,
Elizabeth (Harris), Rachel (Williams), Laurana (Mulliken), Jemima (Byars) heirs, James Johnson's heirs
& Josias Johnson's heirs..........Other property to wife, Rachel Johnson, son Samuel, Resin, Jonathan.
Witnesses: John L. Summers, John Dent Summers, John Nicholson
Published by Maryland Genealogical Society:
Benjamin Johnson; Private 5th Co.,Upper Battalion, Militia-August 30, 1777 (Ref: M-194)
Oath of Allegiance 9/11/1780 under Act of May 12, 1780, having neglected to do so previously
"due to ignorance of the duty owed the country". (Ref: R-27: 114)
Rendered aid by providing wheat for use of the military in 1781 (Ref: O-395)

Benjamin Sr. (4 taxables) and Benjamin Jr. (1 taxable) lived in Sugar Loaf Hundred in 1777 (Ref: R-31:10)
Maryland State Archives MARYLAND INDEXES
(Assessment of 1783, Index) 1783
Montgomery County MSA S 1437
Benjamin Johnson, Sr. MO Linganore and Sugar Loaf Hundred, p. 4. MSA S 1161-8-1 1/4/5/51
Benjamin Johnson, Sr. Friends Advice, pt, 100 acres. MO Linganore and Sugar Loaf Hundred, p. 15. MSA S 1161-8-1 1/4/5/51

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