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Johnson Joy V [Female] b. APR 1892 Arkansas - d. 10 OCT 1936 Arvada, CO

Tombstone picture on findagrave

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Durkee Timothy Lewis [Male] b. 01 MAY 1737 Woodbury, Connecticut Colony - d. 22 MAR 1797 Royalton, Vermont
Event: Cemetery: 06 SEP 1785

Family Data Collection - Births
Durkee, Timothy
Father: Durkee , Nathaniel
Mother: Baker , Mary
Birth Date: 15 May 1737
City: Pomfret
County: Windsor
State: VT
Country: USA

Family Data Collection - Marriages
Timothy Durkee - Lucy Ann Smalley - 3 May 1758 - Pomfret CT

Timothy was a Revolutionary soldier - he volunteered for service first as a private and later as a Lieutenant.
He assisted in the building of Fort Fortitude in Bethel, Vermont.
Listing in DAR Patriot Index - Volume I:
Durkee, Timothy Sr: b..5--1737..CT d..3-22-1797. VT... m (1) Lucy Ann Smalley...Lt... CS PS NHVT (Civil Service, Patriotic Service,New Hampshire..Vermont)

Timothy Durkee was one of the original grantees of Royalton, Vermont

Timothy Durkee, Father and Son, and their families were listed in the 1790 Royalton, Vt. census.

He is listed on findagrave

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Hodgson John [Male] b. ABT 1670 Essex Co., VA - d. ABT 1717



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Sanderson Thomas [Male] b. ABT 1700 Currituck County, NC - d. 30 JAN 1778 Currituck County, NC

Currituck County Wills

Thomas Sanderson
Jan. 30, 1778; May 28, 1778
Currituck Co. Will Book 1, pp. 136-140

In the name of God Amen, I THOS. SANDERSON of Currituck County in the state of North Carrolina being weak in body but sound and disposing mind and memery do make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following.

Imprimis: I give and recommend my soul to Almighty God and as touching such wourldly estate whare with it hath pleased God to bless me with in life I give devise and dispose of in the following manner and form,

I give and bequeath to my Son THOMAS SANDERSON a negro woman called Generous to him and heirs forever-----------

Item: I give to my Grand Daughter MARY SANDERSON one negro girl called Darkist to her and her heirs.

Item: I give to my Son THOMAS SANDERSON all the children an increas of a negro woman which he hath in his possession called Generous to him and his heirs.

Item: I give to my grandson THO. SANDERSON one negro boy cal Juperter to him and his heirs.

Item: I give to my Grandson THOMAS SANDERSON Son of THOMAS, a peace or percel of land known by the name of Dews Quarter as also twenty five acres of land on the main that ??? most convenient for timber to the afsd. Dews Quarter as also one grey mare which he hath now in possession to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I give to my Son THOMAS SANDERSON the plentation wheron he now lives and the remainder of my land adjoining thereto to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I gis and bequeath to my Son JESSE SANDERSON the plantation whereon I now live with the out land thereto belong- ing as it lays marked out by devision line as also an island called Grandys Island to him and his heirs for ever.

Item: I give and bequeth to my Son JESSE SANDERSON an island called the Narrows Island as also twenty five acres of land lying to the westward of the manner plentation lands and adjoining thereto to him and his heirs forever

Item: I give to my Son JESSE SANDERSON my plantation on the ridge with the lands therto belonging lying between BENJAMIN POYNER and RICH. SANDERSON to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I give to my Son JESSE SANDERSON one negro woman called Tariken one negro man called Cuise one negro man called Charls one negro woman called Sarah one negro man Quash one negro lad called Menus one negro woman called Nell one negro boy called Icamus one negro woman called Bass one negro child called Juath to him the said JESSE and his heirs forever.

Item: I gis to my Grandson THOMAS SANDERSON Son of LEMUEL my plantation whereon JESSE SANDERSON now lives with the out lands and marshes thereto belonging as it lays marked out by devision lines, as also three cows and calves and three ewes and lambs to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I give to my Son JOHN SANDERSON my plantation on the Ridge whareon he formely lived with the lands thereto belonging as they lay marked off as also the stock of cattel thereto belonging to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I give to my Son JOHN SANDERSON one negro man called Jonas one negro woman called Dinah and all her children as also two stears on the Narrows Island also one brown mare and one walnut desk to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I give to my Son JESSE SANDERSON fifty acres of land lying on the banks adjoining NATHEN POYNER bank land to him the said JESSE and his heirs forever.

Item: I give to my Grandson THOMAS SANDERSON Son of LEMUEL, one negro man called Cass one negro woman called Juda one negro boy called Sam one negro boy called Caso one negro boy called Tom and one negro man called Tom to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I give to my Daughter ANNE POYNER one negro woman called Tab and her two children one negro girl called Sal one large Black mar and her colt to her and her heirs

Item: I give to my Grand Daughter NANNY POYNER Daughter of NATHEN one negro girl called Finiah to her and her heirs

Item: I give to my Daughter MARY POYNER the plantation wheron she now lives with the out lands thereto belonging as it lays marked off one small walnut desk one negro woman called Pug and her four children and one sorrill mare with a blase face to her and her heirs forever.

Item: I give to my Grand Daughter ANNE POYNER Daughter of BENJAMIN one negro girl called Jemimah to her and her heirs

Item: I give to my Daughter JULIA BARNTT(sic) one cow and calf and two sheep to her and her heirs.

Item: I give to my Grand Daughter ANN BARNETT one negro girl called Hannah to her and her heirs.

Item: I give to my Grand Son THOMAS BARNETT one negro boy called Pompy to him and his heirs

Item: I give to my Grandson LEMUEL SANDERSON the plantation whereon my Son LEMUEL formly lived and the woodland thereto belonging as it lays marked out also one negro lad called Dick to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I give to my Grand Son THOMAS SANDERSON Son of LEMUEL my plantation on the Ridge whereon WILLIAM MITCHEL formly lived with the out land thereto belonging as it lays marked off to him and his heirs

Item: I give to my Daughter ANNE POYNER one hundred acres of land lying between ROBERT GIPSON and SARAH GIPSONS to her and her heirs forever.

Item: It is my will and desire that my old negro woman Hannah have the liberty of gowing to which of my children she thinks proper.

Item: I give to my Son JESSE SANDERSON all my cattle belonging to the manner plantation as also all my hogs and all my sheep excepting such as I have already hereto for given to said JESSE and his heirs forever

Item: I give to my Grand Son THOMAS SANDERSON the Son of LEMUEL one small mehogany desk one feather bed and furniture to him and his heirs.

Item: I give to CALEB SANDERSON one feather bed provided he should ever return to injoy it.

Item: I give to my Son JESSE SANDERSON one large mehogany desk and also all the rest and residue of my house- hold furniture of what kind soever to him and his heirs.

Item: I give to my Son JESSE SANDERSON all my cooper tools and all my black smiths tools to him and his heirs

Item: I give to my Son JOHN SANDERSON eight pounds in ??? of one half of smith tools

Item: I give to my Son JESSE SANDERSON one sorrell mare and one yearling ditto to him and his heirs.

Item: I give and bequeth to my son JESSE SANDERSON all the rest and residue of my estate of what kind soever both within and without real or personal which hath not been before mentioned to him the sd. JESSE SANDERSON and his heirs forever.

Lastly I do herby nominate constitute appoint my Son JESSE SANDERSON to be whole, sole executor of this my Last Will and Testament hereby revoaking and disallowing all former will or wills hereto for by me made ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my Last Will and Testament in witness whareof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 30th day of January Anno Dom. 1778


Signed sealed published and declared
by the testator to be his last will and
testament in the presents of




Recorded and examined this 28th day of May 1778

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Porter Frances [Female] b. ABT 1747 Orange Co. Virginia - d. ABT 1779

Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Porter 1761:
In the name of God Amen, I Benjamin Porter of Orange County, Virginia, being in perfect health and of sound mind and memory -- Thanks be to Almighty God for the same -- but knowing the certainty of this life, do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament.
First, I resign my soul to God, hoping for pardon and remission of all my sins through the merit and suffering of my kind Savior, Jesus Christ. My body I yield to the earth, to be buried in Christian like manner. As to my executors, hereinafter named, shall they meet and to such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bestow on me, I give, devise, and bequeath the same in manner and form the following:
I give and devise all my land and tenements in the tract I now live on and that lies on the east side of my Spring branch, down to the river, unto my sons Nicholas, Thomas, Charles and Abner -- to them and their heirs forever, to be equally divided among them; my son Nicholas having his choice either of the manor home or the plantation where he now lives.
I give and devise to my sons Benjamin and Joseph all the lower tracts of land I purchased of Mr. Nicholas Battail, and the lands I purchased of Mr. Rowland Thomas, with a waterfront on the river -- to them and their heirs.
I empower and order my executors to sell at auction the upper part of the land I purchased of the aforesaid Battail to the highest bidder and the money coming from such sale to be equally divided between my daughters, Elizabeth and FRANCES and their heirs.
I give and bequeath unto my following children viz: Benjamin, Thomas, Charles, Joseph, Abner, Jane, Bettie, Mary and Frances -- all my slaves and personal estate -- to them and their heirs forever, to be equally divided among them, except as to my son Nicholas, which I give an equal part of the personal estate (negroes excepted), he having received his share of them. I desire that my grandchildren of my daughters may be educated by my executors, out of the profits of my estate.
It is my desire, and I do order that if any of my sons should die before they arrive at the age of twenty-one years, or marry, that their part of the land be equally divided among the surviving heirs to whom I have given my land.
Lastly, I do appoint Nicholas and Benjamin, my executors of this last will and testament.
George Taylor
Lewis Taylor
George Bledsoe
James Madison (handwritten in pencil, father of President Madison)

Mary (Polly) Grigsby may have been the only child of Frances Porter, but some sources list Benjamin, Hannah and Simeon (died young) and an infant who died young.
Frances died around 1779 and James Grigsby married two more times.

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Herring John (Herringe) [Male] b. 16 SEP 1620 England - d. 10 JUN 1672 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia

The Heritage of Craven County, North Carolina, p. 167:
Herrings of Clear Run and Black River
John Herring came to Virginia from England in 1642. He died in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, in 1672, leaving his widow, Marjorie, and an adult son, Anthony of Lower Parish, Isle of Wight. In 1715, John Herring (presumed son of Anthony) was assigned a patent of land in the area which in 1722 became Bertie Parish of Albemarle County, North Carolina, by George and Katherine Morbe (Marlee?), very probably the parents of his wife Catherine. In Bertie (and later on the Neuse River) he lived near and was associated with Samuel, Anthony and others of the Herring name who were also natives of Isle of Wight and very probably his brothers.
In 1738 John Herring received a grant of land in what is now Lenoir County, but which was then part of Craven and subsequently Johnston, on Bear Creek near the present boundary of Wayne, not far to the northeast of Cliffs of Neuse. The following year he was appointed a justice of the Craven court. He became sheriff of old Johnston, which then reached from Craven up the Neuse River valley to the Virginia border, after it was erected from Craven, for the period 1747-51. He represented Johnston in the Colonial Assembly in the session 1749-50-1752, and was instrumental in obtaining passage of the acat creating Duplin County, including the area now in Sampson, from the upper portion of New Hanover in 1749-50. Among his children were John, Jr., Simon, Benjamin and Joshua.
John Herring, Jr., owned land in Bertie as early as 1729. He is on record in Craven as early as 1740, when he registered his cattle brand. His wife, Rebecca, received a deed of gift from her father, Cornelius Loftin, for a slave named Dido. He served as a constable "from Stonington Creek to Little River...including all of the inhabitants of Bear Creek and Falling Creek" in 1743 in Craven (now Wayne-Lenoir). He was appointed a vestryman of Sain Grabriel's Parish (Duplin) in 1749/50. He received a grant of lands at Clear Run on Black River in 1754 on the border between New Hanover and Duplin. The boundary between the two counties was in dispute for a number of years and he appears on record in both counties. His sons, John Herring III and Richard, who had grown to maturity in Craven-Johnston, and their sisters Sarah and Martha, came to Clear Run with their parents. Richard appears as an adult in the New Hanover court m inutes in 1760.
John Herring, III, son of John, Jr., was the executor of his father's will in 1774, but he and his wife died in the next decade, leaving two young daughters, Darcus and Magaret, and a son John IV, wards of Enoch Herring, eldest son of Richard, in 1791. The two daughters died before maturity. John IV married a Strickland in Johnston County and eventually moved to Indiana, where their descendants now live.
Richard Herring, son of John, Jr., along with John DeVane and James White, was commissioned by the Provincal Congress to establish a gun factory for the Patriot cause during the Revolution, which produced a number of small arms abefore it was destroyed by the Tories. He married Sarah Anders, of Bladen County. In 1767 he was appointed justice of the New Hanover court and in 1778 justice of the Duplin court. He was a signer of the Duplin Oath of Allegiance and Declaration of Abjuration. On the erection of Sampson from Duplin in 1784, he was appointed to the commission "to fix on a centrical and convenient place to erect the public buildings in the said county of Sampson." In 1785, he was appointed to the commission to establish the town of Lisburn "near the confluence of the Cohera and Six Runs where those streams make Black River.
The genealogy of the family of John Herring, Jr., is given in the book by Jamres R. Sloo and his wife, Pauline Herring Sloo, published in 1941. A summary of the earlier generations follows:
The children of John Herring, Jr., and his wife Rebecca Loftin Herring were: John III, Richard, Sarah and Martha. John III was the father of John IV, Darcus and Margaret. The two daughters of John III died in childhood, but John IV married Elizabeth Strickland and eventually settled in Indiana.
Richard and his wife Sarah Anders were the parents of Enoch, who married Margaret Anders; Joh, who married Basheba Sessions; Gabriel, who married Janet Anders; Stephen, who married Dicey Scott; Mary and Ann, who married Edward Spearman.
Sarah married John Treadwell, and they were the parents of John Treadwell, Jr., who married Ann Dodd; Miriam, who married George DeVane; Elizabeth, who married Isaac Poitevant; Zilpah, who married Abraham Moulton, Jr., Lucretia, who married Thomas Rogers; Charlotte, who married William Robinson, and Mary who married Shadrach Wooten.
Martha married Edmund Hawes, and they were the parents of John Hawes, who married Hannah Anders, and Samuel Hawes, who married Ann Julia Davis.
Sources: Early Virginia Immigrants---Cavaliers & Pioneers---Colonial Records---State Record & Court Minutes. Dallas Herring

Source: Horace Fusssell, Jr.:
John Herring sailed from Bristol in 1642. His name was spelled Herringe.

Source: The Simon Herring Line Report of North Carolina Research on microfilm at Mesa Family History Center:
John Herring was born in or near the City of London about 1680. John, and his brother, Samuel, settled first in Isle of Wight County, Va., the sourthern parish called Newport. The Herrings were planters and decided some time later to move south where the soil offered a brighter promise. The first known public record of a Herring in North Carolina is the conveyance of 350 acres of land in Chowan Precinct of Albemarle County from George Morlee and wife to Jno. Herring of Isle of Wight County, Va., 18 Oct 1715. The Herrings lived along the Cashie (accepted spelling) River and adjacent to the Roquist (accepted spelling) Pocosin, both still in present day Bertie County.
When John Herring took up land in North Carolina the province was just emerging from the Cary Rebellion and the Indian uprisings. Many people had been killed, many had left, and immigration had practically ceased. A large proportion of the houses and barns had been burned, much of the livestock and cattle killed or carried away, and vast stretches of land laid waste. Trade had almost ceased to exist.

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Towles Henry [Male] b. ABT 1651 Liverpool, England - d. ABT JUN 1721 Accomac Co. Virginia

Henry Towles was the immigrant ancestor, who settled first in Accomac CO. He was born in Liverpool, England. His date of birth was inferred from a deposition he gave in 1684, when he stated he was 32 years old. His date of death was estimated from his will which was proved June 6, 1721 in Accomac County, Virginia and lists his children as: Henry, STOKELEY, Job, Thomas and Kendall. Henry Towles was buried in Middlesex county, VA.
An account of the Towles family was published in Volumes 8 and 9 of the Virginia Magazine. Volume 8, p 320-321 indicated that Henry Towles may have come from Liverpool and settled in Accomack Co., that he married Ann Stokeley.
His will was recorded in Wills Deeds and Orders 1678-1682 p/282.
He mentions his sons: Kendall, Job, Henry, Stokeley and Thomas and his "Loving wife" and friends and neighbors, Thomas Jenkinson and Thomas Jenkinson, Jr., whom he designated as his executors.
STOKELEY TOWLES, the fourth son mentioned in his father's will, had resided in Middlesex County for some years before his father's death. This county was back across the Chesapeake Bay from the home of his father. So Stokeley was probably given his inheritance at the time he left his native county -- thus explaining why he was bequeathed only one shilling under the terms of his father's will.
Christ Church Parish Register records (page 81) the marriage of Stokeley Towles to Ann Velott on October 21, 1708. In this record both surnames are incorrectly spelled but there is no doubt as to the identities. This source also records the birth of Anne, daughter of Claude and Ann Vallott as July 31, 1693 and baptised Aug. 14, 1693.
Ann Vallott was just fifteen years old when she became Mrs. Stokeley Towles.

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Ethel [Female] b. 1893 Oklahoma - d. 1973 Oklahoma

Birth and death dates taken from Woodlawn cemetery records, Claremore, OK.

There were 48 Ethels born in 1893 in Oklahoma. No luck on maiden name.

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Grady William [Male] b. ABT 1680 County Donegal, Ireland - d. 1713

The Grady family of North Carolina descended directly from William Grady, who emigrated from Donegal County, Ireland, sometime near the close of the 17th century and settled first in Bertie Co, NC. He married Anne, daughter of Richard Barfield of Virginia, and is supposed to have moved into Lenoir County (Dobbs), sometime about the year 1730 or later, where he died. Little is known of this first of the Grady Family in North Carolina. We have no record of any child, except John, who was born in 1704, and died in 1787." (from John Grady (1710-1787) of Dobbs and Duplin by Benjamin Grady) (SHARON JONES AT

June 30, 1718 Wm Grady received 50 acres in Deep Creek, Bertie County from James Rutland.

Another source:
Wayne County, NC - Heritage Series - The Grady Family of Duplin

"Our Heritage" By Claude Moore

The Grady name was originally O'Grady and at an earlier time it was Gradha, meaning noble. The O'Grady's were Celtic, came originally from Spain and were descendants of King Milesius of Spain. In Ireland they were descendants of King Brian Boru (1002 A.D.) who was king of Ireland and was killed by the Vikings. The first Grady to come to America was William Grady of Donegal County, Ireland, who came to Virginia and then to Bertie County, N.C., in 1717 and much later to that part of Craven County which became Lenoir.
William Grady married Anne Barfield, the daughter of Richard Barfield of Virginia, and had at least one son John Grady (1710-1787). John Grady was married in 1733 to Mary Whitfield, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Goodman Whitfield of Dobbs County. This William Whitfield was the forebear of all the Whitfields in Wayne and Duplin, so that makes all the Gradys and Whitfields kin. John Grady received a grant of land in 1739 on Burntcoat Swamp on the Northeast River and the present B.F. Grady School in on this tract.
John and Elizabeth Grady had the following 11 children: Mary Grady who married Henry Goodman, lived on the Neuse River and had six children; William Grady (1735-1803), soldier of the American Revolution, who married and had nine children, two of whom married Outlaws; John Grady, who may have been the John Grady who was the only patriot killed at the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge February 27, 1776, married and had four children; Charity Grady who married a Mr. Herring and had six children; Anne Grady who married a Mr. Croom and had two children; Alexander Grady (1744-1821) soldier of the American Revolution, married Anna Thomas (1746-1825), lived in Duplin and had 10 children; Frederick Grady (1753-1818) soldier of the American Revolution who married Elizabeth Durham, lived in Duplin, had 12 children; Lewis Grady, no record; Elizabeth Grady (died 183O) who married Captain James Outlaw; a daughter who married William Laws; and Margaret Grady who married Isaac Dawson.
The grandchildren of John and Elizabeth Grady married into the Outlaw, Whitfield, Kornegay, O'Daniel, Barfield, Herring, and Williams families. Some of the decendants settled in Duplin and others moved to Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, and some other states.
Many of the descendants come back to the Grady-Outlaw family reunion. One of the descendants, Durham Grady (born 1776) married Susan Slocumb, the daughter of the famous Mary Hooks Slocumb of Mount Olive who is believed to have made the herioric ride to Moore's Creek Battle in 1776. Several of the Grady family fought in the War of 1812, and many served in the Confederate Army.
One of the descendants, William Henry Grady (1841-1921), farmer and school master, married Emmaline Simmons and lived at plantation called "Waterloo" near Albertson, and they were the parents of Albert Sidney Grady, lawyer and mayor of Mount Olive, Zebulon Vance Grady, Emmaline Grady, Raphael Semmes Grady, Foutaine Maury Grady, Preston A. Grady, Maud Grady, and Malcolm Laurens Grady, all deceased. The first four were named for Confederate heroes.
Another distinguished member of the Grady family was the late Honorable Benjamin Franklin Grady (1831-1867), a son of Alexander Outlaw Grady (1800-1867) and Anne Sloan Grady. Two of his brothers, William and Lewis, were killed in the Confederate Army. B.F. Grady was graduated from the University of North Carolina and was teaching at the University of Texas when he joined the Confederate Army.
He married 1) Olivia Hamilton 2) Mary Charlotte Bizzell of Clinton. He had one son by his first wife and 11 children by his second wife. All are now deceased. The oldest son by his second wife was the late Judge Henry A. Grady of Clinton. B.F. Crady was known far and wide for his great mind and scholarship. He was a teacher, county supt. of schools of Duplin, and a member of Congress, 1890-1894. While living in Turkey, N.C. in 1898, he wrote the book "The Case of the South Against the North."
The Gradys have been great friends of our family all during the years, and on two occasions I have made the address at the Grady-Outlaw reunion.

(Source of data: From the late Ben Grady and Judge Henry A. Grady)


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Herring Anthony [Male] b. 1648 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia - d. 1715 Isle of Wight, VA

Isle of Wight Deeds, Wills-Great Book Vol. 2 1715-1726 p. 9
p. 490 28 May 1722....Henry West of the lower parish to John Westrya of the same...100 acres in the lower parish adjoining William Westray, Anthony Herring, the Indian Path and Thomas Applewhaite (being part of a patent for 700 acares dated 5 Dec 1685 and was taken out of "the great patent" for 2050 acres granted William Oldis and Robert Ruffen.
Wit; Arthur Smith, Richard Pope and George Williamson
Rec: 24 Sep 1722 Henry (X) West

To some extent, Anthony is more mysterious than his father John.
The latter did leave a will naming a son; the former, evidently, did
not make a will and name anybody. Yet there is enough documentary
and circumstantial evidence, albiet sparse, to link Anthony as the
probable 2nd generation forebear of those who follow in this work.


In April 1694 Anthony of Lower Parish of Isle of Wight paid 2500 pounds of
tobacco to William West and wife Rebecca for 200 acres on Blackwater River
land in Lower Parish adjacent to John Smith and Will Westway.
Isle of Wight Co. Quit Rent (yearly property tax) Roll of 1714 list Anthony
paying tax on 200 acres. Anthony died sometime between then and the 1820
census. He did not leave a will.
One deed cites some family relationships and others suggest it. There were
several males in the family and not enough land to go around so John and
Samuel left for Chowan Co. NC. His son Anthony remained in I of W for close
to 20 years after his brothers went to NC but in this time left links to
brothers Abraham and Daniel and then when moving to NC with John and Samuel.
These brothers as records show, clustered together, moved together, signed
documents together.

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Giles Elizabeth [Female] b. 1732 - d. AFT 1793 North Carolina

John Keathley Sr, wrote his will on the 20th of Mar 1793 and it was recorded January 1794 in Wayne County, North Carolina. He gave most of his estate to his wife, Elizabeth. His wife was bequeathed the choice of the feather beds and family belongings. She was to receive half of the kitchen furniture during her remaining life. He gave one feather bed and furniture to his son, Jonathon Sr., after his wife, Elizabeth, passed away. He gave the same to his son, John Jr.
Richard, the first born, was given all the land and property after Elizabeth passed away.

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Chavez Alexander [Male] b. 08 FEB 1876 Texas - d. 15 MAY 1954 San Antonio, TX

1880 Bexar Co. TX census:
Marie A Chavez......33......Mexico
E ? Chavez.........6.......TX
Alejandro Chavez.....4.......TX

1910 Bexar Co. TX census:
Alex Chavez......34.....TX
Ida Chavez......21......TX ?
Allen Chavez......2......TX.....daughter

1920 Bexar Co. TX census:
Alex J Chavez.....42......TX
Ida Chavez......33.....TX
Aleen Chavez.....12.....TX
Alex Chavez......3......TX

1930 Bexar Co. TX census:
Alex Chavez......53.....TX
Ida Chavez......43......TX
Alex Chavez.....14.....TX

1940 Bexar Co. TX census:
Alex Chavez.....64......TX
Ida Chavez......54......TX
Alex Chavez Jr.....24.....TX
Winnie Chavez.....24.....TX.....daughter-in-law

Alexander's parents were listed on his death certificate. No other info on his father.
And his occupation - Restaurant Manager

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Grigsby James [Male] b. 10 NOV 1748 Virginia - d. FEB 1835 Bledsoe Co, TN

DAR Patriot Index:
Grigsby, James:..b..11-10-1748..VA..d..2--1835..TN..m (1) Frances (Franky) Porter..(2) Mrs Rebecca Wallace (3) Mary Ann Mondon....PS VA...(Patriotic Service)

According to "Tennessee Cousins", James Grigsby ran an "ordinary" meaning tavern, and this may have been after he was married the 3rd time. Before that, he is found in Virginia.

Etchinson, John and Samuel are listed with his 2nd wife, Rebecca Anderson.

He had 7 more children after age 57 years old with his 3rd wife, Mary Ann Mondon:
Mondoner, William , James, Louis, Wilkerson, Newton, and Calvin.

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Johnson Herbert E. [Male] b. 28 NOV 1894 Texas - d. 30 DEC 1977 Wickenberg, Arizona

1930 Kerrville, Texas census:
Herbert E Johnson ........35......TX
Helen F Johnson.........28....... OK
Emma J Johnson.......... 5....... OK
Betty J Johnson...........3 ..........TX
Idus Johnson............31.............TX..... brother
Fred Pope..............20............... OK...... nephew

1940 Graham, AZ census:
Herbert E Johnson......39.....TX
Helen F Johnson......37......OK
Emma Joy Johnson......15...OK
Betty Jean Johnson......13......TX
Mrs J A Johnson......86.....TN.....mother.....widow

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Vawter Cintha Caroline [Female] b. 12 JAN 1806 Elbert Co, GA - d. 19 JUL 1890 Paden, Tishomingo Co. MS

Information on this line given by Mary Wallace, a g.g. granddaughter.

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Vawter Wilber Willis [Male] b. 16 NOV 1889 Indiana - d. MAY 1969 Indiana

1920 Marion, IN census:
William W Vawter.......30.....IN
Catherine Vawter......24....IN
Willis W Vawter......5......IN
Mary L Vawter.....59.....IN......mother....widow

1930 Marion, IN census:
Wilbur Vawter......40......IN
Freda Vawter......30.....IN

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Poyner Peter [Male] b. 1682 Norfolk, VA - d. 22 JUN 1758 Currituck County, NC

Database: North Carolina Census, 1790-1890
State: NC
County: Currituck County
Township: Early Tax List
Year: 1715

Peter Piner (Poyner)
June 22, 1758 - Dec. Court 1758
In the name of God Amen the Twenty Second day of June one Thousand Seven hundred and fifty Eight. I Peter POYNER of the County of Currituck in the province of North Carolina Planter Being weak in body but of Sound mind memory thanks be Given to god therefore Calling to mind the mortality of my Body and Knowing that it si appointed for all men once to dye Dow make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament that is to Say Principalley and first of all I Give and Recommend my Soul into the hands of God who gave it me and my body I Recomend to the Earth to be buried in Decent Cristian Burial at the Descresion of my Executors and as Touching Such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased god to bless me with in this Life I Give and Dispose of the Same in the Following manner and Form softh [soforth?] Vyz --
Imprimis} I Leave to my well Beloved Wife Sophia PINER Two Cows and Calves And the halfe of my sheep also all hur maden Estate Had? by hur & I and Bequeath to my Son peter PINER what things he has had to him and his heirs for Ever.
I give and Bequeath my Son Joel PINER one percel of Land whereon he now lives Beginning at Nathan PINERs line and Running to Benjamin PINERs Line Contaning Twenty acers more or Less to him And his heirs for Ever. Also one Saddel one Feather Bead he has in his possession and all the Cattel and hoggs he has in his marke also Twenty Shillings proclamation money.
I Give and Bequeath to my Son Benjamin PINER one plantation Caled by the name of Beach Ridge to him and his heirs for Ever also one Feather Bead and Furnetur he has in his possession and all the Cattel and hoggs he has in his marke also Two mears he has in possion also Twenty Shillings proclamation money and my grate Coat.
I Give and Bequeath to my Son Nathan PINER the plantation I now live on Containing the quanty mentioned in his Deed of Gift to him and his heirs For Ever Also one Feather Bead he Sleeps on and Furnetur and one par of Large Silyards and one hand mill also Three Choats mears and one horse also one Grinston and all the Cattel and hoggs he has in his marke and one Case and Bottels also my Largist Brass Cittel and one ____ Sadel and bridel. Also my Green purs? and what money is in it also one old mar. Also Five pound proclamation money [smudge] one pewter Bason also all the Emty Casks Boath hogsheds and Barrels and one gunn and one Iron pott all my axes howes and plows two Iron wedges also one Stone Jugg & one par of Fier Tongs--Turn over
Brought over--
Item - I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Sophia BARCO Twenty Shillings proclamation money.
Item - I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Mary MERCER Twenty Shillings proclamation money.
Item - I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Ester SALYER Twenty Shillings proclamation money.
Item - I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Abia PINER Twenty Shilling proclamation money also one feather Bead and furnetur also what Cattel is in hur mark and one pewter Dish.
Item - I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Kiziah PINER one bead and Furnetur also the linning wheel she Spins on also one Chist and one Bason also Twenty Shillings proclamation money.
Item - I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Gemima PARKER one linning Wheel Also Twenty Shillings proclamation money.
Item- my Will and Desiar is that after my Deceas all my Debts and Leqeses be paid and the Remainder of my Estate be Equally Devided Amongst my Children and Further I Dow Appoint Constitute and ordain my Son Nathan PINER hole and Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament Revokin all other will or Wills Before made Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my last will And testament in Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the Day and year Above Written.
/s/ Peter [his PP marke] PINER seal

Signed sealed and Delivered In the presents of Us
William BRAY}
Joshua BALL } Jurat [listed as Joseph BALL in the probate record]
Reuben BALL}

Memorandum that Gemimah PARKER was Interlined between the Thirteenth? & Fourteenth lines above mentioned & Son Nathan POYNER Between the Seventeenth & Eighteenth Lines above before the Sealing and Ratification & Confirming these presents in the Presence of us the Subscribing Evidences.

North Carolina } At a County Court begun opened and held at the Courthouse for the
Currituck County} said County on the third Tuesday in December Anno Domini 1758
Present His Majesty's Justices
These may Certify that William BRAY Joseph BALL and Ruben BALL the Subscribing Evidences to the annexed Will & appeared in open Court and made Oath on the Holy Evangelists that they were present and saw the Testator Peter POYNER sign Seal publish pronounce and ____ the said Testament annexed to be and contain his last Will & Testament and that he the said Testator was at the same time of sound and disposing Memory. Then appeared Nathan POYNER Executor of this Will in open Court and took the Executors Oath in due Form of Law. Orderd that the Honble Richd SPAIGHT Esq. Secretary if this Province have Notice that Letters Testamentory may issue thereon as the Law directs.
[On the back of this will is written: Peter POINER's Will; Currituck; Fees Due; Recorded in the Secrs Office in Book No 6 fo 168]
[Source: North Carolina State Archives - MARS ID: (folder)]

North Carolina Wills, 1665 - 1900
Abstract of North Carolina WIlls, 1690-1760, Surnames, O-P, Page 299

Poyner, Peter
June 22, 1758. December Court, 1758. Sons: Peter Joel, Benjamin (plantation known by the name of Beach Ridge), NATHAN.
Daughters: Sophia Barco, Mary Mercer, Ester Salyer, Abia Piner, Kiziah Poyner (or Piner), Gemima Parker. Wife: SOPHIA. Executor: NATHAN, (son).
Witnesses: WIlliam Bray, Joshua Ball, Reuben Ball. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Mearns.

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Ferris Sarah [Female] b. ABT 1773 Stamford, C.T. - d. 1849 Ohio

A Christmas card (from Grand Pa and Grand Ma Vawter) addressed to Patricia Vawter
dated 1942 had a note on the back:
Dear Patricia Jene
I am giving you my Great Grandmother's teaspoon, Sarah Wade, which is your
Great Great Great Grandmother.
(The teaspoon has been located, apparently tucked back in a drawer for 60 plus years. It is small,
very worn, and has a monogram of S W.)

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Summers John [Male] b. 03 NOV 1695 Anne Arundel Co., MD - d. 13 JAN 1769 Prince George Co. MD

Folio 456, Deed of Gift, 20 July 1723, enrolled 20 July 1723.
From: James Moore, Sr., planter of PG Co. (Prince George, Maryland).
To: John Summers, son-in-law, planter of PG CO. Part of a tract of land called Child's Portion of PG co. containing 35 acres; one coined piece of silver called six pence paid before ensealing. Signed: John Summer (mark and seal). Wit: Joseph Belt, Thomas Sprigg. (No signature of James Moore, Sr., and no acknowledgment.)

"Early Families of Southern Maryland: Volume 5, Moore, Page 225
Will of John Summers, Jr., Prince George's Co.; written August 1763; (probated?) 9 October 1769
Wife Mary, executrix
Children: James, Dent, Benjamin, Rebecca King, John, George, William, Thomas, Joseph, Mary Wheat, RACHEL JOHNSON, Ruth Riggs and Jemima Caton.
Witnesses: Nath. Magruder, James Moore, s/o Benjamin, John King Jr.
MCW XIV. 100, Wills, 37.334

Family Data Collection - Individual Records

Name: John Summers
Spouse: Mary Moore
Parents: John Summers , Rebecca Dent
Birth Place: Anne Arundel Co., All Hallows Parish, MD
Birth Date: 3 November 1690
Death Place: Prince Georges Co. MD
Death Date: 13 January 1769

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Lovelace Charles [Male] b. ABT 1735 Prince George, Maryland - d. 08 OCT 1796 Iredell Co, North Carolina
Event: Gen.Soc.of Iredell: ABT 1915

The PIONEER CERTIFICATE for Charles Lovelace states that he arrived in Iredell Co. before 1785.

"Lovelace Family Research" obtained from the Genealogical Society of Iredell Co. North Carolina - is not dated, but the latest date in it is 1915. Charles Lovelace was a large land owner. He bought 400 acres in 1784. His father and wife are not listed, only descendants. He had at least 8 children. "Sallie" was our line, born 1777, died 1852. Sallie married Asa Johnson,who was born in Maryland, 1775 and was the son of Benjamin Johnson.
Sallie (Sarah) and Asa had five children, including Asa Simpson Johnson, b 1813 m. Nancy Agnes Allison. Asa and Nancy had 8 children, #4 was Julius T who m. Emma Brown and they had eight children.
Reference: "Heritage of Iredell County - The Lovelace Family", "Marylanders to Carolina" and "Family of John Baptist and Eleanor Lovelace": See John Baptist Lovelace notes.

A portion of his Will was taken from the Iredell County, North Carolina Will Book Volume 1, page 5 dated October 8, 1796 and probated November 3, 1796.
His Executors are listed as Burgess Gaither and Jeremiah Gaither, his son-in-law married to his daughter Nelly.

"I give and bequeath unto my son, Thomas Lovelace, my mill and two hundred acres of land; I give and bequeath unto my son, Rasmus Lovelace, all the remaining tract of land I now live on and all the remaining part of my new entry that is adjoining of said tract. In addition, I bequeath to him one new saddle, one cow and six head of hogs that is running at home; I give unto my daughter Anne Lovelace, Negro Ben and one feather bed; Unto daughter, Linny Summers, Negro Bet; Unto daughter Sally Johnston, Negro Harmon and forty pounds of North Carolina currency; Unto my daughter, Nelly Gaither, Negro child Jane and thirty pounds of North Carolina currency; To David Thompson, forty pounds of North Carolina currency to be paid to him by the Executors when he reaches the age of 21 years. All the rest of my estate is to be sold to pay my debts with any remainder to be divided equally between all my children."

Charles County Deed Book O#3 1765-1775
Page 614. Lease. Mar 28, 1769 from Isaac Lovelace of Frederick County, to Thomas Robey of the county afd, for 20 [symbol for pounds], a tract of land called Jobs Comfort, lying in CC, bounded by Lovelaces Addition, containing 121 acres as per certificate dated Aug 29, 1750, and all mines excepted, gold, silver, copper, lead, tin, and iron, which excepted in the [this] case. To have and to hold to sd Robey during the natural lives of sd I Baptist Lovelace, Eleanor his wife, and Charles Lovelace, their son, paying yearly 12shillings and 1 penny to the Lord Proprietary.
Signed - Isaac Lovelace, Thomas Robey. Wit. Charles Jones, Andrew Heugh (Hughs) (Frederick County JPs).
Certified by F. Sprigg, Clk Fred Co Cur. Recorded Sep 9, 1769.

Cemetery record:
Son of John Baptist Lovelace and Elenor.

Brother of Charles, Isaac, William, Elias, Luke, Vetchel, Mary Ann Shaw, Archibald, and Millicent.

Husband of Sarah Robey.

Father of Thomas, Erasmus "Ras", Casandre "Cassie", Annie, Verlinda "Linnie" Summers, Sallie Johnson, Eleanor "Nellie" Gaither and David Thomson.
Charles Lovelace Family Cemetery
Iredell County
North Carolina, USA

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