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Williams John [Male] b. 1650 Chowan District, North Carolina - d. 09 MAR 1690 Bertie, North Carolina

John's will was dated Mar 13, 1745 and probated January 1758 in Bertie County, North Carolina.

Excerpts from Herring Tidbits II by James M. Grimwood:
John Williams of Virginia bought land in Chowan County, NC but did not move until about 1714. In April of that year he acquired land on Horse Print Branch including houses and he and wife Anna changed address about 1716, daughter Ann and husband Samuel Herring soon followed.
On October 11, 1716 John Williams, weaver, gave his daughter Ann Herring 150 acres on Horse Sprint Branch with the provision in the deed which blocked sale, lease or mortgage by her husband Samuel. Ann Williams Herring still lived there years later with many of activities connected with the Williams.

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Jordan Anna [Female] b. ABT 1617 England - d. 29 OCT 1669 Ipswich, Mass

Anna's name appears as "Hannah" in some records.

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West William [Male] b. 1634 - d. 02 OCT 1708 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia

"In the name of God Amen, the 20th day of October 1708 I WM WEST of Newport Parish in the County of Isle of Wight being sick & weak in body, but of sound & perfect memory, (praise to given to God for the same, & knowing the uncertainty of this life on earth, & being desirous to settle things in order do make this my Last will & Testament in manner, & forme following: This is to say, first & principally, I do comment my soul to Almighty God my Creator assuredly believing that I shall receive full pardon & free remision of all my sins & be saved by the precious death, & merritts of my blessed saviour, & Redeemer Christ Jesus, & my body to the Earth, from whence it was taken, to be buried in such decent & Christian manner, as to be Exex hereafter named shall be thought meet & Convenient. And for what worldly estate the Lord in Mercy hath lent me, my Will & meaning is, that same shall be Imployed, as hereafter by this Will expressed, & first I do revoke, renounce, frustrate, & make void, all Wills by me formerly made, & declare, & appoint this my Last Will & Testament: Itt: I Give & devise unto my sonns WILLIAM WEST & RICHD WEST, all that my Land lying between WM GREENs & ROBT BAGNALLs itt being one hundred acres (more or less) for & dureing their natural lives equally to be devided betweene them my son WILLIAM to have that part of the land next to WM GREENs, & after their decease, to the heires of their bodyes lawfully begotten for Ever. Item: I Give & devise unto my son ROBT WEST, one part of a parcell of Land which I purchased of Capt WM OLDIS beginning at a white Oak, in a little branch & soe downe the little Branch to a long branch, & soe downe the Indian path to Capt APPELWHAITEs Line, & soe along Capt APPLEWHAITEs line Eastward unto WM WESTRAWs Coner tree, & soe along the said line to the first station for & dureing his Natural life, & after his decease unto the heires of his body Lawfully begotten for Ever. Item: I Give & devise my sons WM WEST & RICHD WEST the remainder of the aforesd land bought of CAPT WM OLDIS Lyeing on the South side of the Indian path beginning at Round hill, & runing up Coll NORSWORTHYs line to the Indian path, & soe from Round hill along Coll PITTs line to Capt APPLEWHAITEs line to the Indian path, for & during their natural lives, equally to be devided beyweene them & after their decease unto the heires of their bodys Lawfully begotten for Ever. Item: I give & devise unto my son ROB WEST the Land whereon he now liveth which I bought of Mr JOHN MARSHALL the older it being about one hundred sixty acres for & during his natural life, & after his decease unto the heires of his Body Lawfully begotten for Ever. Item: I give & devise unto my son ROBT WEST the land whereon I now live, after my wives decease for & dureing his natural life, & after his decease unto the heires of his body Lawfully begotten for Ever. Item: I give & bequeath unto my sons WM WEST, & RICHD WEST my mill with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging, for & during their natural lives, the profits thereof, to be equally devided between them, and the charges thereof, to be equally devided borne between them, & after their decease unto the heires of theire body's Lawfully begotten for Ever. Item: I Give & bequeath unto my daughter MARY GREEN my Indian Girl called PINKE for & during the Natural Life of the sd MARY & after her decease unto the heires of her body Lawfully begotten for Ever. Item: I Give & bequeath unto my son WM WEST my Indian Girl called ROSE, for & dureing his natural Life, & after his decease unto the heires of his body Lawfully begotten for Ever. Item: I Give & bequeath unto my Loving Wife, my negroes TONY, JACK, & my Indian woman PEGG, soe long as she shall Live a Widdow but if she marry, or dye, then I give my negroe TONY unto my son RICHD WEST & to the heires of his body Lawfully begotten for Ever. And my Negroes JACK unto my son ROBT WEST, & the heires of his body Lawfully begotten for Ever. And my Indian Woman PEGG unto my daughter REBECKAH WEST, and the heires of her body Lawfully begotten for Ever. Item: I give & bequeath unto my Loving Wife, & my daughter REBECKAH WEST, all the rest of my personal Estate whatsoever, or wheresoever to be equally devided, between my said Loving wife, my whole, & sole Exex of this my Last will, & Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand, & seal the day and year above written
Signed, sealed & declared by Mr WM WILLIAM W WEST
WEST to be his last Will & Testament his marke
in the presents of us whose names are hereunderwritten
his marke
his marke
Proved in open cort held for the Isle of
Wight County the 9th of ffebry 17??
to be the last Will & Testament of Mr WEST by the oaths of all the Witnesses
Ordered to Record

Test: CH. CHAPMAN Cl Cr"
(Record of Wills, Deeds, Etc., Vol. 2, 1661-1719, pp. 490-491)

William West was a man of considerable means which is shown in patents for more than 4000 acres in 1663-1665. He also participated in Bacon's Rebellion; the West family strongly opposed Governor Berkeley during BACON"S REBELLION, because Henry West, father of the family, had been barbarously murdered by the Indians and William West, his son took up arms and headed a force which marched against Berkeley's troops, but was captured. William West escaped and evidently ** was afterwards pardoned. He married, first, REBECCA, daughter of ROBERT BRASWELL, the Minister, but the wife mentioned in his will in 1708 was Martha (?). Following William's pardon, we next find him purchasing the original Bracewell mill from Rebecca's brother, Richard, along with the adjacent dam, pool, and two acres of land. West stayed in close proximity to Rebecca's sister, Jane, and their brother, Richard, as evidenced by a series of deeds of land from the 1690's from the Blackwater Swamp area in the lower parish of Isle of Wight County.

Note: . He escaped from prison and a petition for his reprieve was circulated by his brother, Henry WEST, in Oct. of 1677. It was signed by 88 people (almost half the inhabitants of Isle of Wight Co.). Among the signers were his brothers-in-law, James BAGNALL and Richard BRASWELL. Henry WEST, in the petition, stated:

"Petition of His Majesties most loyal and obedient subjects of
Isle of Wight to his Majesties Commissioners, in behalf of William
WEST, a rebel absconding, who took up arms against the Indians by
whom his father had been most barbarously murdered, was taken
prisoner and carried aboard a ship, from hence to prison and was
condemned to death, but has made his escape and as yet has not been
found. We pray for his life and the restitution of his estate to his wife
and children." (Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County Virginia
by John Bennett Boddie.)

The petition apparently was granted.

Isle of Wight Deed Book 1
Wm. West, Sr. and wife Rebeccah, for 2500 lbs. tbco. sell to Anthony Herring of L.P. 200 acres of land on Blackwater adj. John Smith and Will Westwray, being part of land pur. from said W. West and Wm. Oldis adj. Nosworthy's and John Smith's line. 28 Apl. 1694

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Braswell Rebecca [Female] b. ABT 1627 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia - d. 1700 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia

Name spelled "Bracewell" in many records......??

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West John Henry [Male] b. 03 OCT 1603 England - d. 01 JUL 1647 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia

Bacon's Rebellion:
John Henry West immigrated from England 1622 on board the MARGARET AND JOHN.
During the Bacon Rebellion the West family was greatly opposed to Berkley, because John Henry West, father of the family, had been murdered by the Indians.
The son of Henry West married Rebecca Bracewell, the daughter of the Reverend Robert Bracewell, the minister. William and his men got up a force of men and marched against Berkley's forces. He had planned to surprise the governor, but he himself was surprised and captured by Berkley's troops. William Bracewell was taken aboard a ship and was condemned to death. He managed to escape and his brother, a planter in Virginia petitioned the king for pardon for William and himself, as they had been tried by a council of war. The request was granted and William Bracewell were allowed to return to America with their families. Jane Bracewell, daughter of the Reverend Robert Bracewell, married Robert Stokes who was captured in the Bacon rebellion and hanged. The early Braswells suffered for their country.(SOUTHERN FAMILIES by John Bennettt Boddie, page 87.)

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Bracewell Robert [Male] b. ABT 1600 London, England - d. 05 MAY 1668 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia

The following is from "THE LINEAGE OF JACOB THOMAS BRASWELL". The Braswell story, as it is presently known, began in the City of London, England, over three hundred years ago. there a certain Richard Bracewell lived in the year 1612 when a son, Robert , was born. "Nothing is known of the family prior to this date except that they and others of the name in England were said to have fled from Scotland during a rebellion against tyrannical rule. At the age of fifteen, young Robert Bracewell was sent to Oxford University to be educated for the ministry. Records of Colonial Virginia show that Robert Bracewell, son of Richard Bracewell of London, Gentleman, entered Hart Hall, Oxford University, Feb 22, 1627 at the age of fifteen and graduated with an AB degree Nov 3, 1631. this information has been certified of recent years by an Oxford Registrar. (Henning 1, 378 ) (The Braswell family, by Elizabeth B. Pearsall).

"A period of almost twenty years elapses before Robert Bracewell is heard from again. During the latter part of this period, England and Scotland were passing through a very difficult time under Charles I, who was determined as his father, James I, had been to force the Anglican form of worship on the Puritans of England and the Presbyterians of Scotland. As a result, both England and Scotland were in a constant statte of rebellion and Civil War.
Many prominent churchmen were forced to flee to other countries for safety. During the Cromwellian rebellion and subsequent rule (16 40-1661), many Royalists fled England and Scotland. Most of these refugees settled in the colonies in America.

" The circumstances which resulted in Robert Bracewell's coming to Virginia are not known, but when he appeared in the Isle of Wight, Va. some time prior to 1649, he was an Episcopal Clergyman."

"The first time his name is found in the records of colonial Va. was when he was witness to an agreement between Ambrose Bennett and Thomas Webb for the use of a mill and adjacent land, April 29, 16 50. (Deed Book 1, page 426).

"When Captain John Upton made his will in Jan. 1651, he mentioned three hundred acres of land he had sold to Mr. Robert Bracewell. (Will and Admin. Book A, pages 32-33.)

"As water was a most important means of transportation in colonial times, most of the early settlers established themselves on some body or stream of water. So too, Robert Bracewell's plantation was located on the Blackwater River some miles south of the James City River and the Colonial town of Jamestown, a few miles north of where the town of Smithfield, Va., now stands."

"Robert Bracewell's pastorate, known as Lawne;s Creek Parish, was in the vacinity of the present boundary line between Surry and Isle of Wight counties.
the name of Lawne's Creek was changed in 1737 to Southward (Today this church is known as the 'Old Brick Church' and is about 5 miles south of Smithfield, Va. on Route 10.)

"In 1653, the Rev. Robert Bracewell was elected to the House of Burgesses of Virginia. At this period in history, separation of church and state was the subject of much agitation in both Europe and America.

"According to therecords of the 1653 Sessions of the House of Burgesses, "It is ordered that Mr. Robert Bracewell, Clark(cleric), be suspended since it is unpresidential and may produce bad consequences." (Henning 1, page 378) If clergymen were not allowed to hold political office, it seems odd that he was elected in the beginning.

"Whether the Rev. Robert Bracewell was a wealthy man before coming to Virginia, or whether he accumulated his wealth after coming to this country has not been established, but at the time of his death in 1668, he was the possessor of considerable property.

"He was referred to in the William and Mary Quarterly, volumn 7, as a 'Notable minister," (The Braswell Family, by Elizabeth B. Pearsall.)

"Robert Bracewell's will was made Feb. 15, 1667 and is one of the earliest recorded wills in this Country. It is to be found in Deed and Will Book 1, page 9, of the Isle of Wight records of Virginia.

"In his will, Robert Bracewell directed that his two underage sons, Robert Jr. and Richard, were to receive the bulk of his estate and were to share the 700 acre home plantation and 600 acres on the Nansemond River. they were to share also in his new mill when it was finished.

"he named his two friends and neighbors, Mr. George Gwillen (Welsh for Williams) and Mr. Richard Izard, to act as guardians for the children, each to receive forty shillings with which to buy himself a ring. He futher directed that his two sons be put to school to learn to read and write.

"His three married daughters, Jane Stokes, REBECCA WEST, and Ann Bagnall, were to receive three cows each and an indentured sevant, Elizabeth Hall ws to receive a heifer when she became free. Seven of his friends were to receive one cow each and his son-in-law, William West, a cow and a yearlling.

"Included in the inventory of his property were sixty-three head of livestock, a servant boy, a library worth 500 pounds of tobacco, a sloop, silverward, and numerous articles of clothing and household furnishings. The total value of his estate was given at 35,800 pounds of tobacco (will and Deed Book 1, page 55)

"From an accounting of his estate rendered on Jan. 10, 1669/70 and signed by Richard and Rebecca Izard, it appears that Mr. Izard, who owned the adjoining plantation, must have performed his duties as guardian in a very satisfactory manner indeed. (Will and Deed Book 1, page 28)

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Whitehead Elizabeth [Female] b. 1712 Virginia - d. 1790 Duplin Co. NC

From Duplin County NC website:
Sons of American Revolution
Announce a dedication/marking ceremony for Revolutionary War Patriots Graves.
Elizabeth Whitehead Grimes, wife of Hugh Grimes, mother of James, Joseph and Sampson, is listed in "Women Patriots of the American Revolution: a biographical dictionary" by Charles E. Claghorn and on the payroll voucher list for the July 1783 to 19th of March 1784 for the comptrollers office as receiving pay vouchers for supplying provisions for the army.

Elizabeth is buried in the Branch-Grimes cemetery in Duplin Co. NC.

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Vawter Benjamin [Male] b. ABT 1750 Virginia - d. AFT 1820

Benjamin was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted in February 1777 for a three year tour in the 2nd Virginia State Regiment. He received 100 acres of bounty land from the state of Virginia.

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Grimes Hugh [Male] b. 1700 Virginia - d. 1780 Duplin Co. NC

Hugh Grimes saw Patriot service in the Duplin Militia.
Hugh is buried in the Branch-Grimes cemetery in Duplin Co. NC.

The tombstone of Hugh Grimes reads Cir. 1780 - father of Joseph, James and Sampson.

Duplin County, NC - Hugh Grimes Will, 1781


Will of Hugh Grimes
In the name of God amen the second of April ano Domini one thousand seven hundred and eighty. I HUGH GRIMES being sick in body but of good and perfect memory thanks be to Almighty God and calling to remembrance the uncertain state of this transitory life and that all flesh must yield unto death when it shall please God to call do make constitute ordain and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following and annulling by these presents all and every testament and testaments will and wills heretofore by me made and declared either by word or writing and this is to be taken only for my last will and testament and none other and first being penitent and sorry from the bottomness of my heart for my sins past most humbly desiring forgiveness for the same, I give and commit my soul unto almight God my savior and redeemer in whom and by the merits of Jesus Christ I trust and believe already to be saved and to have full remission and forgiveness of all my sins and that my soul with my body at the general day of Resurrection shall rise again with Joy and through the merits of Christ death and passion possess and inherit the Kingdom of heaven prepared for his Elect and chosen, and my body to be buried in such a place as shall please my Executors hereafter named to appoint and now for the settling of my temporal estate and such goods chattels and debts as it hath pleased God for above my deserts to bestow upon me I desire to give and dispose of the same manner and from following that is to say. First of all, I will that all those debts and dues as I owe in Right or conscience to my manner of person or persons whatsoever shall be will and truly counted & paid or ordered to be pain within convenient time after my desires by my Executors hereafter named.
I give to my grandson JESSE GRIMES one feather bed and furniture, and the rest of my estate which I now possess I do bind to my beloved wife her lifetime and at her decease to be equally divided amongst my children and I leave my son JOSEPH GRIMES and son J__ GRIMES, executors to this my last will and testament given under my hand and seal this day and date above mentioned.

State of North Carolina January Court, 1781
Duplin County

Then was the within will proved in open court by the oath of
JOHN SULLIVAN and BURWELL WHITEHEAD, two of the subscribing
evidences thereto and at the same time SAMPSON GRIMES one of the
Executors thereto come before the court and qualified by taking the oath
of an Executor agreeable to law. Ordered that letters issued accordingly.

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Jenkinson Thomas [Male] b. ABT 1638 Cumberland, England

one posting on gives Dorothy's maiden name as Fischer. No proof offered

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Bright John [Male] b. ABT 1680 Norfolk, Virginia - d. ABT 1720 North Carolina

A John Bright (probably Sr.) was involved in land tranactions in Norfolk as early as 1665.
John Bright, Jr. went to NC about 1704. He was married to Elizabeth Hill, daughter of Hiram and Sarah Hill.
This from postings on
His will was written 09 September 1720. The will was in Beaufort County, North Carolina.
In his will, John left Henry and Richard land. The rest of sons are to get the home plantation after his wife, Elisabeth, dies or remarries. Elizabeth later married a Handcock and died in Craven Co, NC. And William sold the land he received in 1729, so Elizabeth must have remarried before that time.
Elizabeth wrote a will on 20 Jan 1743/44, probated 20 Jun 1744, leaving bequests to her sons Simon and William Bright and to a daughter ledlay Handcock. Among the witnesses were Francis Hodges, a brother-in-law of Simon Bright.

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Hill Elizabeth [Female] b. ABT 1680 Norfolk, Virginia - d. 1744 North Carolina

The maiden name of Hill came from a posting on

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Vallott Claude [Male] b. 06 OCT 1649 France - d. 29 JAN 1693 Middlesex Co. Virginia

Virginia Family Histories #3, 1600-1800s
Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume III, Towles and Clark Families, Page 583.

On October 21, 1708, Stokeley Towles married, in Middlesex, Ann (born August 14, 1693) daughter of Claude Vallott, also known as Claude Champagne, who, on October 6, 1684, deposed that he was 35 years old. Vallott's wife was Ann (nee Jenkinson).

Claude Vallot is featured in the June 2020 VVV Newsletter

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Grimes William Sampson [Male] b. 18 AUG 1792 Duplin Co. NC - d. 03 MAR 1861 Harrison Co. Tx

1850 Washington Co. Alabama census:
William Grimes..........58......... NC
Asha Grimes............51......... SC
William Grimes..............22........AL
Joseph W Grimes..........19.......AL
Louisa Grimes...........16........AL
Ann E Grimes......... 14........AL
Martha Grimes..........11........AL

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Martin Samuel Pickens [Male] b. 18 SEP 1866 Tyler, Smith, Texas - d. 25 DEC 1931 Hillsboro, Hill, Texas

1910 Hill Co. TX census:
Samuel P Martin........44........TX
Bertha L Martin........38........TX
Samuel L Martin.......9........TX
George A Martin.......4........TX
Mary L Martin.......1........TX

1920 Hill Co. TX census:
Sam Martin.......53.......TX
Birtha L Martin.......48.......TX
Mary L Martin.......11.......TX
Samuel L Martin.......19......TX
George A Martin.......14......TX
Emily Lewellen........89.......AL.......mother(-in-law)

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Dickerson Bonam Franklin [Male] b. 26 FEB 1834 Ohio - d. 17 APR 1911 Austin, Tx

1860 Guernsey, OH census:
Bonam Dickerson.........26.........OH.........Farmer
Mariah Dickerson.........26..........OH
David H Dickerson ....... 4............OH
William W Dickerson........3..........OH
Eliza A Dickerson........10/12..........OH

1870 Johnson Co. NE census:
Bolan Dickison.........34.......OH
Mariah Dickison.........34......OH
David Dickison..........14........... OH
Elizabeth Dickison ............11.........OH
John Dickison............ 6........... IL
Samanthe Dickison......... 3........NE
Albert Dickison...........10/12.........NE

1880 Wise Co. TX census:
B. Dickerson.............46............ OH
J.B.M. Dickerson...........15........ OH........son
S. L. Dickerson............12.......... OH........ daughter
George A Dickerson.........10........NE
Jennie E Dickerson......... 8.......NE
Phillip Dickerson..........18.........OH........ Nephew

1910 Austin, Texas census:
Bonam Dickerson............75.......OH
Loony B Dickerson ........57........IL
Albert Dickerson.............40........NE.
Bonam F Dickerson...........25.......TX
Elza S Dickerson .......... 22.......TX.......(son)
William Elroy............21........TX...... boarder

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Goodman Mary Elizabeth [Female] b. ABT 1690 Chowan Co. North Carolina - d. 1773 North Carolina

"Whitfield Record" from North Carolina
William Whitfield came from England the early part of the 18th century, married Elizabeth Goodman in 1713, eventually moved to Rockford, Lenoir Co., N.C.
They had four sons and six daughters. Two of the daughters are in our line.
Mary Whitfield married John Grady, had a large family, among them, Charity Grady who married Michael Herring. Their daughter Nancy married Jonathan Keathley, and their daughter Annie Keathley(married Alexander O'Daniel. She is our line and buried in the Walnut Grove Baptist Cemetery in Gibson County, Tennessee.
Charity Whitfield married Frederick O'Daniel and their son William is the father of Alexander (above) who married Annie Keathley.
This is the same info was also in our family records.

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Durkee Timothy [Male] b. 17 OCT 1762 Woodbury, Connecticut Colony - d. 28 SEP 1817 Richmond, VA

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Brogan Patrick [Male] b. 26 APR 1933 San Antonio, TX - d. 15 JAN 2018 Boerne, TX

Patrick Robert Brogan of Boerne, Texas
April 26, 1933 - January 15, 2018
It has pleased God to call to Himself our beloved husband, father, brother, and grandfather PATRICK ROBERT BROGAN of Boerne, Texas, at the age of 84. He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Mary Kay (Halwe) Brogan; their son Michael, his wife Susan, and their son, Matthew and daughter, Stephanie; their daughter Patti Pena, her husband Hector, and their son Daniel; their son Kevin and his children William, Elizabeth, and Madeline; their daughter Kerri Bothe, her husband Trevor, and their daughter Kennedy; and his sister Mary Ulcak of San Marcos, TX.

Patrick was born in San Antonio on April 26, 1933, to George and Mary Carmel Koett. Upon the death of his mother, he and his sister were adopted by their maternal grandparents William F. Brogan and Louise (Piatt) Brogan. After graduating from Brackenridge High School in 1951, Patrick joined the U.S. Marine Corps, serving as Staff Sergeant on a mortar team with the 1st Marine Division in The Korean War, refusing a Purple Heart, convinced he had only been doing his military duty. As a disabled veteran, he subsequently worked for 32 years as a U.S. Postal employee before moving to Boerne with his family in 1991, where he filled his time with part-time jobs and raising various livestock on their land.

A rosary will be said during visitation at Vaughanís Funeral Home at 6:30 pm, Monday, January 22; the funeral liturgy will be celebrated at St. Peterís Catholic Church at 10:30 am, Tuesday, January 23.

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Durkee Henry [Male] b. MAY 1682 Ipswich, Mass

Note in Durkee Genealogy book - Henry died young.

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